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Why do mobile applications fail? The reasons are many, including lacking significant features, often being copied, have no evident target audience or usability issues. Basically, a person will settle on to download an app in only a few seconds. At that time, the immense volume of apps available intensifies the competition for user attention. However, the most common explanation of why mobile apps did not succeed financially is that their owners can’t correctly monetize the apps.

There are quite a few success metrics that need to be monitored to measure the performance of your mobile app. The Factors which are responsible for the success of Business-Specific apps are the same as those that are besieged in the direction of the clients and general audience, yet myths are surrounding the conflict are at a commonplace. The factors leading Failure and Success have the same qualities in all categories of apps.

It is not enough to monitor your own product’s performance, but also the performance of a competitor’s products as well. Identifying the right success criteria for your mobile app will help you to identify areas for improvement so you can adjust your strategy to successfully meet business and product goals.

Therefore, if you have a majority of these key elements in your app, then you have increased the possibilities of becoming a winner.

Here are top factors for a mobile application that should be known to every developer:

iconKeeping The App Straightforward:

The benefits of keeping the apps simple and easy to use are more than one. There is more time taken in developing a simple app than a complex one. If the user is finding any difficulty in using your app, then he deletes your app and uses another app which is the easy one to fulfill his needs. The user’s patience will automatically get lower if the app doesn’t get the user what he is searching for. Therefore, it goes a long way to gain user’s trust.

iconFriendly Experience During The Interaction:

Users can be categorized as Professionals and Individuals. The mobile application developers are therefore responsible for providing smooth and simple services through their apps.

Simple and Straightforward apps can easily gain user popularity. As it’s a human tendency to get easily attracted towards comfort, the same scenario goes for mobile applications. Fast and responsive apps get user acceptance quickly. The main motive of developing an app is that it should be easy and understandable by the common man.

iconEnsuring Fast Loading Time:

Human is impatient in nature, Therefore, an app taking long loading time is surely a failure. Any optimal enterprise app should not take more than 15 seconds.

The CPU and RAM capacity plays an important role in the determination of the loading time of an app. That’s why the same app takes different loading times on different devices.

Nevertheless, make sure that your app loads as fast as possible.

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iconSize And Position Matters:

Screens with large sizes are a perk for mobile app designers. And also there is more space to place the stuff, and remaining space for unnecessary stuff. It is essential to keep in mind the size of the screen and buttons. The design should be made by taking a hand-free perspective in mind. The most common platform to be considered is the hand size of most of the users, thumb position, etc.

iconTask Examination:

Some organizations just want to bring their content and functions to mobile. Its more important than content and functions on the mobile platform are developed especially for that platform. Differentiate the tasks into important and not important categories and make the most important task to execution. The easiness should be left to the developer.

iconUsers Can Misinterpret:

For making an app useful, it must be in mind that users can make mistakes. So, it is most important to prevent users to make an error by making them aware in a manner when an error can be made. There are many ways for error prevention such as: utilizing context-sensitive defaults in order to prevent typing mistakes.’

There must be an emergency exit button so that the user can go backward or out of the task. There should be proper teaching to avert mistakes.


This factor is the backbone of the application development Developers should make sure that all the functionalities are working properly and flawlessly before actually out in the market. Efficient apps should perform their functioning as they are expected to, neglecting the device they are being operated on. Only apps with powerful and unique functionality can make their position in the app store.

iconOffline Efficiency:

Some of the time, it may happen that we are not connected to the internet. Poor connectivity can result in poor user familiarity. Apps with poor UX are annoying, and many users may just choose to delete them. So, many users may pick the app to possess the proficiency to perform even without the internet. Therefore, an app working wirelessly becomes much more resourceful.

iconCombination With Social Media:

This is the only factor that is essential for making the app profitable and self-sustaining. Combining with social media, let the app users recommend and share their activities on different social media platforms. One of the clearest benefits of mobile apps is to allow consumers to make a purchase even when they are on the go. This is also beneficial for the business because it can provide more customers with their products and services to increase their exposure then increase their sales. This will help that many people will get to know about the app which is in the favor of both app and app developer as this will increase the app visibility and reach to the people that would not have been otherwise possible.


The truth is that app stores are oversaturated with similar apps. Today’s most successful apps have a strong value scheme. Each app should provide an exclusive value through its offered services. Value addition can be in any form such as entertainment or vouchers etc. An app should have some real traits, so that users despite looking for the same option in the market, the user will look for our app. The user should feel satisfied with our app.


An application should be quick enough to open right away. To disprove any unnecessary update the app should be fast enough. There should be a seamless transition among its pages. And make sure that the app doesn’t have any illogical addition to occupy unwanted memory in your device.


Even though I am mentioning this factor at last but it is one of the essential parts of mobile app development to be considered. An app must be designed in such a manner that it looks practical and unique. That will surely impress the potential users to try it, instead, its rating and reviews are. When it comes to its layout, the appearance and functioning of the app should be modern and high definition graphics.


The majority of the world’s population have smartphones and use them daily to connect with other people, consume information, buy products online, and many other purposes. An app is a more centralized and convenient way to fulfill a particular purpose. Therefore, these are a few factors that majorly influence the success of mobile applications. The success proportion is determined by how well we can optimize the factors mentioned above, and how well they can interlink to achieve the final goal. Thus, it ultimately lies in the hands of the developer to make their mobile apps exclusionary and user-friendly through robust development measures.


Anshul Sharma

Anshul Sharma is the visionary CEO of Fluper, the leading mobile app development company known for its innovative solutions and cutting-edge mobile applications. With a relentless drive for excellence and a deep understanding of the tech industry, Anshul leads Fluper with a focus on delivering value-driven products that transform businesses. Under his leadership, Fluper has become synonymous with quality, reliability, and innovation in the digital space.

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