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Leading social networking app, Facebook has recently rolled out a new feature for its Messenger and Instagram. The newly introduced feature “Vanish Mode” will allow users share photos, texts, and voice notes that will immediately disappear after being seen by the recipients and when the former shuts down that chat window.

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The inspiration for developing this amazing feature was taken from the Snapchat. This feature will currently not work in the case of group chats but can be totally enabled for individual chats.

Facebook will roll out Vanish Mode feature on its Messenger for US and a few other selective company based users starting this Friday. Few users might already have this feature on Messenger and they can learn about the same by taking a look at their app related chat settings.

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Users can enable or disable this feature anytime for an individual chat message. A spokesperson from Facebook stated that this mode shall be opt-in only.

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Vanish Mode feature seems quite similar to the Messenger’s current secret conversation mode which allows users to participate in an end-to-end encrypted chat that is saved to their devices only.

Once the chat setting is enabled with the Vanish Mode feature, users can expect the messages to automatically disappear after the same gets viewed by the recipients.


Using Vanish Mode feature, users will be able to see their messages getting immediately deleted as soon as the recipients view them and when the chat window is shut by the sender.


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