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Facebook announced today that it will continue rolling out official music videos through its U.S. site, as first stated by TechCrunch, as well as launching a dedicated Facebook Watch Music destination. The updates, which will take place from this weekend, will allow Facebook users to find, stream, and upload music videos from a large variety of artists. While Facebook has previously worked on a similar music project with partners in India and Thailand until today, Facebook’s extended relationships with top labels, including Sony Music, Universal Music Group, Warner Music Group, Merlin, BMG, Kobalt and other independents, facilitate the launch of the U.S.

Facebook says the offers cover all big distributors plus a host of companies with the full catalog. We also noticed that sponsored artists were being told that they would soon have to migrate to a new permit that would require Facebook to automatically link their music videos to their Account, where fans could find them on the Videos tab of the Website. The artists would be able to edit or erase their video posts at any time until allowed.

Nevertheless, if this setting is not allowed, then, Facebook will automatically create a separate official music page on behalf of the artist, called “[Artist Name] Official Music,” to facilitate discovery.

Facebook users will be able to track their favorite artists with the update and access the new releases of the music video from those artists in their News Feed when they go online. The “follow” link will be available, as before, not only from the artist’s Facebook page but also directly from the music videos itself.

Through clicking on the posted videos, fans will be led to the Facebook page of the artist, where they can browse the tab on Videos to watch more officially approved music.

The updates on the music video, like any written on Facebook, can be viewed, responded to, and commented on. We can also be posted via News Feed, where friends can find out about the posts and share them with communities and in Messenger.

Meanwhile, the dedicated Music section on Facebook Watch will encourage users to explore music by genre, artist name or mood, or by thematic playlists such as “Hip Hop MVPs,” “Rock Trailblazers,” “Epic Dance Videos” or more topical playlists such as “Famous This Week” and “New This Week.”

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Advertising would also monetize the videos, as is the case elsewhere on Facebook Watch. Unlike other video advertising, however, they ‘re not going to disrupt the music in the middle of the action. Alternatively, Facebook informs TechCrunch that the advertisements will either show pre-roll, as a picture ad below the video viewer or post-roll during the game. Such plans that change in the coming weeks as it iterates on the experience, notes Facebook.


The move follows a month-long boycott of Facebook ads on the site over concerns surrounding hate speech, which other companies have opted to stick with, reports claim. Yet the arrival of the music video wasn’t planned to promote a return of advertisers.Disclaimer

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