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For good ideas and true innovation, you need human interaction, conflict, augment, debate

Margaret Heffernan

Donal E. Brown enlisted 67 universals that comprises those features of culture, language, society, behavior as well as psyche who hold no exception. As far as those elements, traits, patterns, and institutions are concerned, that are common to all human culture worldwide. Hence if your idea equate within this list, you are certainly approximate to get provided a solution to a problem that is cosmopolitan across the globe. As per some experts, you must pull your sleeve to spend 80% of the time on market research since we all are part of the fast moving marketplace where needs crop up and disappear, which is although vital for the company in order to abreast the current development. In case you are ascertaining your first purchase, then those top trending apps must be prioritised which will enable you to know what future consumers are bringing into use where you will be seeing all the characteristics as far as successful app displays are concerned and then employing according to the work.

Reckoning on the data, more than 77% of the business holders are now appreciating the ultimate benefits of enterprise apps. Above that, 66% of them are prioritising to improve their investment over mobile app development which really demonstrate the fact that adopting technological based solution is transforming the recent mind-set of the business encompassing from small and midsized businesses to a large sized enterprises which has been further intensified with the advent of micro-apps. In addition, what really is progressing towards digitisation is m-commerce that has really established a new standard with the fundamental goal to streamline, restructure and efficiently administrate. Hence a business must dedicate resources in the form of time in order to identify the capable organisation who can comprehend the million dollar idea and capable to transform it into a productive manner.

Considerable points to identify appropriate mobile app Development Company:

Underneath are some of the criteria that would assist you to select the right mobile app development company in order to develop a path-breaking mobile app. Finding a company with the team of veteran professionals which includes developers, designers, project managers and marketing professionals with a proper understanding of the latest technology trend as well as end –users to order to find authentic justification to the project throughout.

Study the portfolio

A large, thin, flat case for loose sheets of papers are sufficient enough to identify a right mobile application development company with required abilities in order to accept challenges. It must collect portfolio of different app development companies where a comprehensive study must be followed by review of clients, social media interactions as well as work approach that must be taken into consideration to shortlist companies to choose the best one. To understand the proficiency, it is quite essential to ensure not only the app idea but follow budget to develop an app as well. Along with the significant criteria, it is quite essential to ensure that the company must match the budget limit.

Study the portfolio

Hence selecting an appropriate mobile app development company is quite essential. There are innumerable mobile app development companies who offer services to develop every types of app where you can get suggestion to select the right platform in order to make an app profitable. This entire procedure must consist of the following questions:

  • To which market demographic, the app would belong to?
  • Which category of app, you are supposing to create?
  • On which platform the app is supposed to be released?
  • Is the app development company you are supposing to create your mobile app, proficient enough with the kind of app you are wishing to create?
  • Will the app be released for free or will be required to pay for the pay?

Perceive the app development process

Just selecting the mobile app development company will not extend your million dollars to the right audience. Understanding the entire life cycle is quite essential as far as project development is concerned as on-time delivery will render the perfect value to the investment where you need to consider hiring company on the basis of timely delivery of the project. To maintain the essence of the project, project updates at regular interval of time during the entire development process in order to implement new features further or some technical insights in order make the app seamless.

So brainstorm for few more ideas in order to give a finishing touch and assess it on a regular basis is pretty much worth the efforts.

Must interpret the work approach

Although this is a trend that many mobile app development companies initially entices with promises in order to clutch the project but the scenario get changed after signing amount where you would reasons to get from the work escaped. Apart from ensure this with their past and existed clientele, it is also essential to know the work approach and their punctuality in delivering work before hiring mobile app Development Company.

Not to overlook security aspects

Security is considered to be the primary concern for any company. Since the mobile app development company is going to work with the credentials it becomes quite essential to have skilfulness in developing an app with a higher level of security. Relying to one survey report, majority of apps have not cleared the fundamental test of security. Another thing which is quite essential at this stage is the privacy of the app concept as well as information related to this project which must not be compromised.

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Essential to keep a hold on the perfectionist streak

Jobs is considered to be a perfectionist which has really made him an industry leader with the perfect strategy of how to and when to let the product run into the market. As far as iPhone 6 is concerned, he must have conceptualised before he actually hit the design board. What he did instead was all the forerunner model, with the ultimate motive to make the version the best it could by following the iterative designs in order to make the model best which still has been observed with iPhone 7 and more expectations with the upcoming versions. It must be regarded with ease that the perfect device really doesn’t exist.  Hence it really does not make any sense to churn out the things and relying everything on the marketing , but it really emphasizes to pull up the sleeves for the launch stage since there will be opportunities to enhance the product further. These perfectionist streak must be considered so that your product may leverage some of its benefits.

Essential to keep a hold on the perfectionist streak

Never dismiss from the mind what makes a success story

To get your app enlist in the success story really looks for immense hardwork. Hence, it is quite essential to comply with the success story of other apps which have made million dollars investment in their app.

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  • As far as taxi, booking app is concerned, then it has taken to leverage the unique benefits of iPhone device as well frequently available in desktop and laptop.
  • Must built a market place that don’t exist
  • Touch and feel has been kept as simple as possible.
  • Uber uses big data in order to match buyers as well as sellers.
  • Prioritised good UI/UX.
  • It has added viral component as far as app is concerned.
  • Feedback must be received from the customers.


To get a kick in your prospect focus on well-constructed solution that you have taken as a technological advantage. The point of differentiation between million dollar apps and other apps is the robust strategy that can really make a visible difference. Hence, it is essential to follow the success story and try to get something which can survive atleast considerable period of time with the opportunity of investors to get sufficient ROI.

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