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We all know that festivals are a great way to replenish yourself from the daily frustration that is more likely to be sprung up while travelling or may trigger working strenuously. But what really intensifies the essence of festivity when we meet our old acquaintances, relatives and friends. And the spirit further intensifies, when your organisation participate in that occasion.

Festival like Eid is an important religious holiday celebrated by Muslim worldwide that marks the end of Ramadan.  Fluper is an organisation that does not believe just to deliver Eid Greeting straight away but accept in celebrating with employees. The organisation understands the innumerable benefits from boosting employee morale, developing team bonding, improvising team spirit etc.

We celebrate like a family. Few of our employees who belongs from Muslim Community want to share their notion in the month of Ramzan at Fluper.

Iram Fatima-“SEO Specialist”

Eid-ul-Fitr is one of the auspicious occasion for our community. In the integral month of Ramadan, we need to fast for the entire day. Fasting during the holy month is to develop the strength to resist the wrongful desire and bad habits with the ultimate motive to “guard from the evil”. We dedicate the entire month to understand the teachings of “Allah”. At Fluper, I have received sufficient support to continue my Ramzan with the same spirit. This is an organisation that not only respects the importance of culture and ethics but have encouraged me to share my experience and cognitive opinion. On this auspicious occasion of Ramzan, I want all my brothers and sisters to celebrate this festival nicely keeping in mind that “we are exercising our ability to self-restraint so that it can easily be implemented into the everyday life with the utmost importance of self-improvement”. “Eid Mubarak”.

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