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E-commerce app development is at its peak as people are switching more towards using their smartphones to purchase things online. In the year 2020, more than 2 billion people used ecommerce apps to access different products and services online. Moreover, the ecommerce app market size is expected to reach 17.8 billion till 2028. The figures clearly depict the rising demand for ecommerce apps. People find utter convenience and flexibility to order online products and make a secure payment using multiple payment gateways. So, if you are pondering over ecommerce app development cost, this blog will offer crucial information on various aspects including its cost, features, approach towards the project and others.

Key Aspects to Consider in Ecommerce App Development

Key Aspects to Consider in Ecommerce App Development

You must identify the areas where you need to be exceptional if you really want to make your ecommerce app distinct from other competitors. We have picked some most relevant factors that people consider in using an ecommerce app.

Smooth & Comprehensive User Experience

The most important thing that you must focus on is to offer a smooth and comprehensive user experience. This will help your users to easily explore the app to look for different product categories and order them.

Access to Mobile Hardware

Ask your ecommerce app development company to develop a native ecommerce app for your target audience. Native apps have best access to devices’ hardware that allows them to user certain hardware like Camera, Geolocation and others. This will help the app to provide more personalized shopping experience to users.

Monetization Models

You must plan the ways your app will generate revenue for you. There are ample revenue models through which apps make money but you need to choose some that are relevant according to the type of audience that want to target.

Choosing The Best Android App Development Company

Choosing The Best Android App Development Company

The success of your ecommerce app will depend much on the type of development agency that you have hired for the project. Moreover, the cost to develop ecommerce app will also depend much on this. App development companies charge an hourly development rate that varies from country to country.

Must-have Features for an Ecommerce App

The popularity of your ecommerce app will depend much on the number and kind of features that you offer through it. Hence, you must choose these features astutely considering your target audience. We have mentioned some great features from some renowned ecommerce apps that you can consider.

  • Hassle-free Registration
  • Push Notifications
  • Ratings & Reviews
  • Advanced Search
  • Wish List Button
  • Chat bot
  • Customer Support
  • Social media Integration
  • Swift Checkout Process
  • Multicurrency support
  • Feedback

You have the option to use some additional features that will cater to maximum online shopping requirements of your target audience. Just make sure that you offer a feature-rich ecommerce app but all features should be relevant.

Ecommerce App Development Cost

There are various factors that you need to consider to calculate the ecommerce app development cost. Let’s have look into these factors so that you can maintain a proper budget accordingly.

Type of App: You can choose to launch a web-based, hybrid, or a native ecommerce app for your users. Hybrid and web-based apps are developed using a single codebase and these apps can perform on multiple platforms. These apps are also much affordable swiftly deliverable in comparison to native apps. But we will recommend developing a native ecommerce app as these apps are unmatched in terms of performance and scalability.

Type of Development Agency: Apart from geographical location, you must also consider experience and expertise of your ecommerce app development company. Reputed and experienced app development agencies charge higher development rates.

Number of Features: It takes much time and effort to incorporate each feature in an Android app development project. Hence, you must select the features wisely that are relevant for your target audience.

Complexities Involved: The complexities involved in the project will also add to ecommerce app development cost. There are certain features that require diligent efforts along with much time to incorporate them.

Keeping all these factors in mind, we have thoroughly evaluated different ecommerce app development projects. The cost to develop ecommerce app will range between $ 32000 to $ 45000. This is an estimate to develop a native app from scratch for one platform (either Android or iOS). Developing an app for both operating systems will double the cost.

It will be much better if you target Android users first, and then launch its iOS version depending on the response. This will be a much budget-friendly approach and you can resolve issues (if any) of your Android app in the iOS version.


You must have got enough insights into ecommerce app development process along with all crucial aspects involved in it. Approach the best experienced and expert ecommerce app development company with a detailed project requirement list.

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