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Following months of severe pressure and political pressure, Facebook is altering its plans for its Libra crypto-monetary project based on a new Tuesday-released article.

According to the paper, Facebook does not want to turn Libra into the central piece of its Digital Payments Strategy— the actual Cryptocurrency built on Blockchain, which is being established in partnership with the Libra Association. Instead, the Libra project on Facebook will comment on a move to help all current government-backed currencies, such as the US dollar and the euro and the Libra project when it completes and is ready to launch it.

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Furthermore, The Information says that Facebook delays the introduction of its own Calibra digital wallet, a big show of Libra technology, which would allow everyone who has a Smartphone to purchase and store the Cryptocurrency and to then pay for different goods. The wallet is now sponsored by several currencies, one of which is Libra.


Calibra is now out, The Knowledge Reports, in October, originally scheduled for delivery this month. The wallet can only be accessible to any government-funded currencies that the Libra project ultimately promotes in the program, instead of being made available on launch worldwide. Calibra’s launch could be late. The detail is about the main money storing and transaction for Calibra.

Libra Cryptocurrency Plans

In June last year, the Libra project was first unveiled as a groundbreaking and ambitious attempt to revolutionize cash transfer and place Facebook and its affiliate at the ground floor of a new digital payment market with a Blockchain platform. There were two components: a powder token, largely similar to other Cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, but with fundamental differences aiming to make them more secure and less volatile and a Blockchain network that would serve as the technical basis for the token’s verification and the mechanism for token ownership.

Facebook at least awaited criticism, forming a non-profit, known as the Libra Alliance, of which only one member will represent Facebook and its proposed affiliate Calibra. Upon launch, 27 new corporations and non-profit organizations were included. The group, headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland, is responsible for overseeing the creation of the Cryptocurrency and the Blockchain network that would be responsible for this growth. The currencies should also be supplemented by the properties of the various participating members that included big names such as MasterCard, PayPal, Stripe and Visa, and emerging currencies from around the world.


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