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After leaving the Facebook mothership, Instagram creators Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger have teamed up to initiate their first product together. Rt.live is an interactive tracker of how quickly COVID-19 spreads in any environment.

“Rt” tests the total number of individuals diagnosed with the virus. The higher over number 1, the quicker COVID-19 runs through a population when a number below one indicates that the virus is receding. Rt.live, for example, reveals Georgia has the highest, most dangerous Rt score of 1.5 while New York is down to 0.54 due to hostile shelter-in-place orders.

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Krieger says that “Kevin wrote and released notebooks for the open-source data review about how to measure Rt regular. We decided to take the effort and imagine it so that everyone could see how their state is doing to stem the outbreak. “For now, Krieger has been joining by creating SaveOurFaves, a record of nearby restaurants in the Bay Area that offer gift cards so that customers can keep them active during quarantines. The Kriegers opened it, designed with his partner so that people could create similar sites for their neighborhoods.


Rt.live reveals Texas and California are at or just less than 1 as of yesterday and Vermont has the highest ranking at 0.33.

Over time, the charts show how Washington and Georgia successfully defeated COVID-19, falling below 1 before the virus recently bounced back. The data comes from the COVID Monitoring Project, and you can explore the modeling framework of Rt.live on GitHub.

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“As states make consent on when and how to unlock, the infection risk will have to be strictly controlled, and we hope dashboards like Rt. Live will be functional in doing so,” says Krieger. By explaining more regarding how only minor variations in shelter-in-place policies and enforcement can massively alter the magnitude of the virus’ effects, it can help convince people to remain inside.

That kind of technique may also help assess whether reactivating certain companies will be secure and capturing easily where virality is spiking and there is a need to enforce tight social distancing.

One of the site’s intriguing features is the option to search area by area and you can see if the Western states do more to remove COVID-19 than those in the South. You should also analyze the states that do not have shelter-in-place directives and see that on average they are doing worse. The maps may help define how different political orientations and their resulting strategies turn into outcomes of infection.


The development of a medical information platform may appear out of character for the video app moguls. But as part of his research, Systrom has long studied virality, which helped Instagram rise so rapidly. He began publishing his mathematical models on 19 March to monitor Coronavirus infections and deaths.


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