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Despite so much doubt and concern surrounding the recent novel coronavirus, feeling powerless is easy — but there is something that we can all do to help counter it. Aside from keeping medical professionals healthy and following protocols, we should all do our bit to bring support to affected people and regions.

We can all do our part to provide much-needed support and assistance by volunteering for coronavirus relief efforts or by contributing to a coronavirus relief fund. Given the growing number of quarantined areas, people in these areas need critical medical assistance and daily things to pull through this new threat.


The only thing that is known about the coronavirus at this stage (COVID-19) is that it is a respiratory infection that can be transmitted from person to person. Besides this, scientists are also exploring other aspects of the disease and its spread. For this reason, it is important to rely on medical experts’ advice and be careful about spreading misinformation, such as unproven treatments and ways to tackle the disease.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is a great place to start, in order to get coronavirus information. The CDC has provided numerous resources with ever-evolving information on the disease, and even steps to prevent the disease, as of today.



The coronavirus’ effect went well beyond those who got infected. Entire cities are now facing emergency lockdowns, and more than 16 million people in Italy alone have been quarantined in an effort to prevent further transmission of the disease.

With such a staggering number of people in quarantine and getting more ill, there needs to be rapid piling. There is an immediate need for everything from necessities, such as food to emergency financial aid to pay for items like rent, as people suffer missed income due to sickness or quarantine restrictions. Paying medical expenses has become an extra burden for those who are already sick.


Mobile app development companies are hiring mobile app developers to rally around the spread of the Covid-19 coronavirus and build new ways to use apps to cope with the epidemic.

In countries like the United States, where not everyone would have access to insurance, there is a significant need for financial support for coronavirus to ensure that people do not stop seeking treatment or testing because they have no insurance. However, the sheer shock of this new threat has led to a massive drive to raise money for coronavirus for increasing demands for medical supplies and equipment, including in countries with universal healthcare services.


Donating directly to these fundraisers can provide immediate financial support for families and individuals need to surmount this crisis. While mobile app development companies are also donating to charities or to community fundraisers, individual fundraisers may be the best way to ensure that people get the money they need to get immediate relief. There are many things to consider while providing relief fund for COVID-19 fundraisers:

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iconSupporting Small Business and Unemployment.

Millions of coronavirus-affected small businesses are now facing serious economic hardship from the outbreak. One way to support business owners, as well as service industry employees, is to launch a fundraiser for your favorite local restaurant, bar, coffee shop, or boutique. You may also donate to their ongoing fundraisers to ensure that this crisis keeps these companies alive.

iconEmergency Care, Care, and Equipment Services.

When our economy gets stressed and financial burdens impact more people, people’s willingness to pay for medicine and care becomes a real obstacle to pursue help. As a result, people around GoFundMe have already begun their COVID-19 fundraising efforts and you can do your part to support fundraisers directly.


iconLiving Expenses.

Hourly workers and unpaid sick time workers are among the most vulnerable to the pandemic’s negative financial impacts. Workers like these will inevitably fall behind on rent and other fixed expenses without being able to cover expenses. It’s important for these reasons to get ahead of the crisis and start providing support to individuals like these.

iconSupply of Food, Water, and So On.

Low-income households are already strained in good times but this new threat makes providing these households with immediate financial assistance even more important.

iconBuild Supply-Side Relief Materials.

While precautions should be taken by everyone, certain people in our communities may be at greater risk if they are elderly or have pre-existing health conditions. Preparing for future quarantines can be much tougher for people who aren’t able to get around easily due to pre-existing conditions. Consider creating care packages to help those individuals reduce their risk of exposure.

Corona-virus-fundraisericonLaunch A Coronavirus Fundraiser For You, Or Someone You Know.

Another great way to donate is through the development of a fundraiser for someone in need. Through setting up a coronavirus relief fundraiser for those seeking support, you will support them resolve possible obstacles they face due to COVID-19 spread. Establishing a fundraiser for coronavirus is only one way to do this, but you can also look at other crowdfunding sites to find the best match.

iconDonate Relief Efforts For The Coronavirus.

Another great way to help is by helping organizations that provide relief services for coronavirus-affected individuals and communities. You can directly support COVID-19 fundraising on a wider scale by contributing to the charities that address the coronavirus impact.

When you want to find charities near you, seek to reach out to groups that usually provide necessities like food, water, and toiletries for the public. When you’re not sure how to donate to help with coronavirus campaigns, find a non-profit web directory and reach out to any charities that seem to suit well.


We’re all affected by the increasing pandemic of COVID-19. It’s an unprecedented health challenge and a crisis like COVID-19 has never been faced by the world. The pandemic affects communities everywhere. Support for a global response, led by the World Health Organization.


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