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Technology bringing the human race into a new era of lifestyle. American tech experts are taking leadership to show a smooth path to reduce the stress level of working people by launching Cove. And Cove promising to fix the workforce of America.

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All-new gadgets, Cove is promising it could secure a healthy work-life balance by lynching the pressure and tension that an employee can feel in everyday life. Can you imagine?? By wearing this device on the head at least for 20 minutes a day you can just wipe out all the stress you have. It works effectively in a person’s brain by releasing light vibration sounds into the ears. Cove directly strikes that part of the human brain which creates anxiety.

Nowadays, working pressure is high and no office workers can deny this point. Hence, the workaholic persons in a corporate house are always indulged in a high-stress level that they can try anything to reduce their tension. It doesn’t matter how expensive it is or looks unfashionable.

After a sheer desolation throughout the year 2020, this device will surely make a benchmark among all the fitness gadgets. We all want to live this 2021 without any headache or anxiety and if Cove can stick to its promise then it will definitely going to be a good year for all workers around the globe.


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Vinay Kumar

Vinay Kumar is the brilliant mind behind the technology at Fluper, serving as the Chief Technology Officer. With a wealth of experience in software development and a passion for leveraging the latest technologies, Vinay drives the technical vision of Fluper's projects. His expertise in creating scalable and robust solutions ensures Fluper delivers best-in-class products exceeding client expectations.

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