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Those who don’t know what exactly Fetchr is and like to make a clone of it, then we are glad to tell you that this is the right place to look at.
Fetchr is an express; mail delivery and logistics Services Company based in UAE and has operations in various other gulf countries. Fetchr allows both the consumer and businesses to send or receive almost anything, anywhere in the Middle East.
With this app, retailers can organize a delivery by analyzing a customer’s GPS location making delivery more accurate and on-time. Users, on the other hand can set up a scheduled pick-up of an item they want to ship.

Fetchr: A Brand in Making

Fetchr is known to be working in most Middle Eastern countries and over 30 cities and is working on expanding itself to countries as well.
The company was founded back in 2012, by a highly reputed team of IT professionals including Idriss Al Rifai who was later joined by Joy Ajlouny in 2014.
Fetchr was established with an idea to provide aid to the Middle Eastern retail market with top-notch technology and customer-centric services that would put the growth of e-commerce market on top of the priority list.
Now that you know what this app/company is all about, it’s about to talk more about the app and see how is it helping retailers to score big in the market.

Here We Present a Deep Insight To What Services This App Offer:

If you haven’t guessed it yet, then let us tell you that Fetchr is a peer to peer on-demand delivery service app. the app is known to be using a revolutionary technology that can deliver almost anything. Fetchr is basically a tech-oriented Logistics company which offers delivery solutions to its audience, businesses and even the governments.
The company is known to be having more than 3000 employees and operates in more than 200 cities across UAE, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Jordan, Bahrain and some parts of China which are soon to be added.

How Fetchr Is Proven To Be Helpful For Both Companies And Consumers?

How Fetchr Is Proven To Be Helpful For Both Companies And Consumers

Fetchr is known to be providing aid to local merchants, global brands and even ecommerce companies to launch and grow their businesses in the best possible way. This app has solved the problem of having no physical address that is mostly found in developing countries. It has eliminated the need for annoying phone calls asking for directions again and again. It uses several algorithms and technology solutions to guide their GPS based delivery system.

What Services Does It Offer?

What Services does fetchr Offer

For better and reliable delivery, Fetchr uses your phone’s location. The app lets you choose the following 4 services:

1 Send

This service shows that the user wants to send a package that could be anything from a gift to a Charging cable, this app doesn’t care! All you just have to do is select your location along with your destination, and that is it!

2 Fetch

This service is meant for the time when you have some delivery to be delivered to yourself; don’t think twice just fetch it! There is only one thing that you’d have to do and that is to confirm the details and Fetchr will deal with it no matter what that commodity is.

3 Sell

This service shows that you are planning to sell something. The best part is, Fetchr can do it for you and that too in the most convenient way possible. It doesn’t matter to Fetchr whether you want to sell your old phone or a piece of furniture, this app can help you pull it off. You just have to add the locations of the source and destinations and also the cash you need back after selling that product.

4 Make a Payment

This service helps you to buy something or to buy something and deliver it somewhere else. The point is, anything is possible with Fetchr. With this app you can schedule professionals to pick up your stuff and have it delivered with no delays whatsoever.

How to Use Fethchr?

icon Download Fetchr & Register

Being one of the leading pick-up and delivery app, the application is available on both iOS and Android platforms. In order to register, you can user email and social media integration as well.

iconChoose The Pickup & Delivery Location & Time

Once you are done with setting up the app, choose whether you want to send a package or fetch one. Just use the inbuilt Location API to locate, and that’s it you are done with it.

iconLeave a Message or Comment to the Driver

You might want to inform your driver for a more convenient delivery which is the reason why Fetchr lets you text your driver exactly do you want them to deliver your stuff.

iconConfirm Payment & Track Your Order

Once you are done with all the steps above, you’ll be then provided with an order summary containing all the details of your order which you can confirm and submit. After that, you are free track your order and that too in real-time.

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What Makes Fetchr Standout?

What Makes Fetchr Standout

icon Intuitive UI

Fetchr is known for its easy-to-use user interface which is something you won’t find in most pick-up and delivery apps. The app developers have made it so simple that you can pull off your task in just 4 steps.

icon Pricing

They have flat rates which range from AED 30 to AED 50 and depend upon the weight of the package. The best part is, there are no hidden charges whatsoever.

icon The Location API

The Location Module is the heart of Fetchr as the GPS location is your pick and destination address. This in particular is said to be the standout feature of the app and which is also the standout feature of the application. The module is smooth, fast, and reliable that makes no mistake in pointing out your exact location without the need to manually entering it.

iconCustomer Care

Along with a promise of Fast and timely deliveries the app works around with friendly and experienced professionals to provide their users with best possible services. Speaking of experienced individuals, the company is said to be operated by an exceptional customer care team.

So, How Much Does it Cost to Make App Like Fetchr?

Pick-up and delivery are catching up in the app development industry, and is known to be helping businesses across the globe. These kind of apps are helpful for both consumers and the retailers. This app in particular has become one of the most famous apps in the gulf.
If you are amongst those businesses that are planning to make an app like Fetchr, then it is recommended to choose an app development company for best possible results. Fluper, being an app development company itself, and a top-rated one, would be happy to help you. Now, the question is, “how much money we’ll ask for you to invest in making an app like Fetchr?”

Being a reliable app development company in the industry, Fluper has years of experience in fulfilling its client’s needs, as we offer best-in-class services and that too at reasonable rates. And, as far as the estimate cost is concerned, we can build a Fetchr like app somewhere in between 10,000$-18,000$. However, you should know for the fact that this is just an estimate that can fluctuate on the basis of your needs and demands.

We, at Fluper provide:

iconUI/UX Designers

icon iOS and Android Developers

iconQA Engineers

Developer’s Rates Around the World:

iconUSA, Canada, and Great Britain: ranges from $150/hour

icon Western Europe: $80-150/hour and more

iconEastern Europe: $12-80/hour and sometimes higher

iconIndia: from $15/hour, rarely above $50

So, if you’d like to make an app at a reasonable cost, then heading over to India might be the best idea.

About Fluper

Since the time of our debut in this industry, we’ve been the number one choice for most of the industries when it comes to making apps. Till this date, we’ve successfully fulfilled 300+ business requirements. Being a platinum Google app developer company, Fluper is a proud partner with NASSCOM and IBM. So, wait no more, head over to Fluper to avail our services to make an app like Snapchat.

What Benefits Do We Offer?

• We will provide you “100+10%” Money Back Guarantee in case we fail
• 5 percent penalty pay on delay delivery
• You will also get 9 Months of Free App Promotions
• Get up to 2.5 Years Complete App Support
• 24/7 live support and Testing

The Wrap Up

Are you fed of searching the best Mobile app development company in UAE that can help your company to grow? Well, if that’s the case, we are glad to tell you that this is the right place to look at. Our developers can help you out in literally no time.

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