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Freelance work has grown significantly during the last few decades. It is predicted that it’ll more intensify in the coming days.  If this growth is continuing in this way, we can expect that this freelance job will account for 80% of the entire workforce worldwide by 2030. Making platforms for freelance services is therefore a successful industry today. Marketers are very prone to invest in freelance service Apps. These Apps has been fantastic platform for freelance work from last few years. Now, the main concern is the cost to develop Apps like Fiverr & Upwork.

Why do you invest in a freelancing service Apps?

Why do you invest in a freelancing service Apps

These types of Apps are great platforms for making a connection between employers and freelancers. Here freelancers show their talents and get work from employers based on their talent. Therefore, if you spend in creating a mobile app for a freelance service, your firm will prosper. Here are four basic reasons that will help you to understand it.

  1. More User engagement: Both employers and freelancers will create accounts on this app. They’ll communicate via this App.
  2. It is a service-providing platform. So, a payment gateway is the most important element of this app. As a result the transaction on the payment gateway gives you the opportunity to profit.
  3. You can get paid from users depending on how user-friendly you design the mobile App.
  4. For all forms of creative work, the majority of businesses are seeking for freelancers. This is the cause of the rising freelancing workload. This leads to a competitive market for developing freelance service mobile Apps. The price of creating Apps will rise as competition heats up. So, gripping the low-cost market of freelance platform is a commendable job.

The basic benefits you can provide to your users through the Apps like Fiverr and Upwork:

The basic benefits you can provide to your users through the Apps like Fiverr and Upwork

  1. A secure channel or chat box for instant communication between the service providers and the freelancers.
  2. The details of the service providers should be kept secure and should only be accessible for the freelancers to evaluate the service.
  3. All the data and monetary transactions should be safe and secured regardless of the payment option.
  4. You can provide custom offers for potential customers.
  5. Freelancer can receive the ratings from the users to earn the trust for sustaining in the market.
  6. Lucrative and easy User Interface (UI) to attract customers and a high-speed operative system.
  7. A cost-effective service is a magnet for the users.

Analysis of the Cost to develop Apps like Fiverr and Upwork:

Analysis of the Cost to develop Apps like Fiverr and Upwork

Generally, the basic cost for the development of the App is $10,000 – $15,000. It depends upon the client’s need and the features of the App. When the Mobile App development Agencies are estimating the cost to develop such Apps, they need to consider several factors.

  • The Platform of the application like Android/iOS where the App will run.
  • Development cost– It includes back-end development cost, architecture cost, testing cost, security cost and designer (UI/UX) cost. These types of costs differ depending upon the experiences of the development team, and the time (hours) required for the development.
  • Deployment cost: Deploying the application to a Cloud platform is a crucial step to securely save user data; connect with third party services and analysis of the application performance or user behavior. These are the following cost of deployment.
  • The Platform of the application like Android/iOS where the App will run
  • Cloud infrastructure– To seamlessly run the App server platform needs to be built into the cloud.
  • Cloud API gateway– To connect with third party services, such as payment gateway or other mobile application server.
  • Cloud database- To save various kind of data, such as user data.
  • Cloud Analytics– To analysis the application performance, user behavior.

A cloud storage solution may cost $5-25 per user per month or a flat rate of $2-50 per month depending on the solution and the Cloud service provider.

  • Maintenance Cost: Generally the App development company gives one year of free maintenance. For regular maintenance and doing necessary updates with the updated version of the Operating system is mandatory for a successful App. The cost is chargeable after one year. The charge is 15-20 percent of the original development cost as per the industry rules.

The complexity of the app or adding the additional feature in the App increases the cost of the development.

Additional Functions:

As these types of apps offer earning ways to people especially freelancers, the services provided by this app aren’t for a particular sphere. There are versatile spheres in the marketplace. So, you need to add some additional features to this type of freelance servicing App. The Mobile App Development Agencies are charging based on the time to develop the features. Suppose a coarse-grain approximation of the cost per hour is $45. Then they will evaluate the charge per hour basis work. Here is the guesswork of the estimated cost to develop apps like Fiverr and Upwork.

  • Registration and Verification – To use this platform freelancers and entrepreneurs have to create an account in this mobile app. The registration process needs to complete by the Email verification process. It takes 72 hours and the cost is $3240.
  • Freelancer Profile – The App demands a freelancer profile where they can share information about their qualifications, experience, skill sets, and location and showcase their work. It may take 96 hours and the cost will be $4320.
  • Employer dashboard – This feature is very important for the Employer or entrepreneur to manage their account, payment, market information and project details. It helps to track their progress. It’ll also take 96 hours and the cost must be $4320.
  • Chat Box or Messaging options for sending and receiving messages between the freelancer and the businesses. The time needs to develop this feature is 32 hours and the cost will be $1440.
  • Search and Filters– A search option is an important part of finding work as well as searching for a creative freelancer. The filter option makes it more specific.
  • Automatic Gig and package calculator: It is used to estimate the buyer or freelancer’s fee and the App’s charges. The required time for that is 48 hours and the charge will be $2160.
  • Project management tools – This app demands Work-time-tracker and some other tools for the freelancer to handle work status and estimate the budget for the clients’ work. The development time is $96 hours and the cost is $4320.
  • Payment gateway: The most vital option for the App, where the transaction happens between the two parties, is the secure payment processing feature. It’ll take 42 hours and the cost will be $1890.
  • Job listing– The developing time for this feature is 64hours and the cost is $2880.
  • Job posting and bidding: Here, the freelancers compete with each other with the posted work. Developing time of this feature is 64 hours and the price is $2880.
  • Ratings and reviews: Feedback and rating from employers are valuable part for the freelancer as it helps them to get more work. The required time for that is 68 hours and the charge will be $3060.
  • Other features like Freelancer panel, Admin panel, Employer Panel and Home page design take approximately 400 hours and the cost will be $18000.
  • Above all this type of business, App demands a great-looking and user-friendly UI/UX. This will cost $1890 based on 42 hours of developing time.

So, it is the estimated cost to develop an app like Upwork. There are a lot of factors that play an important role in the successful development of Mobile Apps. It takes time to craft a viral app like Fiverr and Upwork that has gained immense popularity. The right Mobile App development Agency can only provide you with those attributes to develop the app and increase your chance of success in the long run.

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