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The payment app is the foundation of today’s cashless economy. The user-friendly features with innovative technology and secure money transaction of the mobile payment apps bring a digital revolution to a cashless economy. Anywhere you go, you’ll find the cashless option to buy and sell products and services. People from little street vendors to large corporations are more often choosing mobile payments app for money transactions. As a result, the demand for payment app development is rising at a breakneck rate.

Zain Cash is a payment app based in Iraq. Apart from money transfers from one bank to another bank, it provides many mobile wallets and some other facilities like bill payment, fund disbursement and more. It uses the license of Central Bank of Iraq. If you want to build a payment app, the discussion of the Cost to build app like Zain Cash will help you to ideate your budget. But, the most important thing is you need to hire a Payment app development company to develop the app.

Why Zain Cash is popular?

This electronic Payment app provides a safe, secure and convenient payment system to its users. To evaluate the Cost to develop app like Zain Cash you need to know why this app is popular in Iraq. Here are the reasons for its popularity.

  1. Many Iranian don’t have a bank account but mobile usage is ubiquitous among them. With the help of Zain Cash mobile wallet, they can do mobile payment and eCommerce shopping.
  2. It offers a Master card that is called a “wallet card” to every user. The users can utilize this card globally for POS payments, eCommerce, online shopping, ATM withdrawal and payment in two currencies.
  3. With a vast agent network, it reaches camp areas and remote areas of Iraq and establishes extensive mobile network coverage in those risky areas.
  4. Zain Cash provides its users with immediate access to funds and speedy money transfers.
  5. It has a strong marketing campaign that touches almost every segment of society with help of stakeholders.
  6. Zain cash continuously takes feedback with its utility and service providers, Aid agencies, Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) and NGOs about their service and tailors it to meet their needs.
  7. Zain Cash provides a safe and fraud-free money transfer facility with its Iris scan feature. That is also called EyePay. This Iris Scan technology scans the rolling out of the iris of the users and gives them access to funding transfer.
  8. The most unique feature of Zain Cash which is very popular among the refugees and IDPs is its cash disbursement feature. It maintains a database of the refugees in remote areas and transfers their funds in cash directly to their hand so that they don’t have to travel for it.

Global Market Size of the Payment app:

If you want to know the Cost to develop app like Zain Cash, you need to have an idea about the recent and future market size of payment app development. It was valued at around USD 40.59 billion in 2021. But, as per the report of statistics, the global market size of mobile payment will increase at a CAGR of 35.3% from 2022 to 2030. Hence, investing in mobile Payment app development is profitable in the coming years. But, you need to hire a leading Payment app development company for creating this app.

Must-have Features of Payment app like Zain Cash:

 features of Payment app like Zain Cash

Zain cash like app development cost is conditioned by the added features of the application. When you employ a reputed Android or IOS app development company for developing your app, it’ll add features based on your business goals. But, the basic features of any payment app are as follows.

1. Easy sign-up:

Users can easily sign-up for their bank account by providing a phone number linked with a bank account or debit/credit card or bank details without paying any hidden charges.

2. Seamless transaction:

Speedy and seamless fund transfer i.e. within a second from the payer’s account to the recipient’s bank account or mobile wallet is the main feature of any payment app. Cloud-based technology alters the smartphone into a digital wallet and allows instant money transfer with a single tap at POS (Point Of Sale).

3. Contactless technology:

Near-field communication (NFC) or QR-code scanning helps the commercials to collect payment from the payers to their mobile wallet or bank account without any contact and sharing a phone number.

4. Security:

A plethora of robust technologies like password protection, biometrics, tokenization, and security questions Mobile wallets can be secured with, such as passwords, out-of-band authentication, one-time password (OTP) via SMS and point-to-point encryption secure the transaction and mobile wallet from malware and other cyber scams. As it is the most vital feature for payment app development, you need to hire a genuine Payment app development company for crafting your payment app.

5. Bill Payment:

Users can effortlessly pay their bills related to electricity, gas, mobile and more through the payment app. If you build the app from a reputed Payment app development company, it can add the features of booking flights, rail tickets and many other booking options. It can also add an auto-payment option for on-time payments.

6. Data Sync:

A payment app synchronizes the data of users’ bank details, credit/debit card details, and passwords in a single application. Hence, users can recover their data whenever they change devices or in any need.

7. Payment tracking:

Sending notifications about payments received and sent helps the users to track their payments. Apart from that, the payment history feature is also helpful for tracking payments. The analytical dashboard lets the users view and analyze their financial operations via statistical diagrams and figures. But, make sure that you have hired a leading Payment app development company to build these types of features at a reasonable cost as the Cost to develop app like Zain Cash varies from company to company.

8. Currency conversion:

This is an advanced feature that a top-notch Android or IOS app development company can add to your app based on your requirement. For international money transfers, people need it.

9. Chatbot:

This is an AI and NLP- based advanced feature for payment app development that communicate with the clients without human interference. It improves the 24*7 customer support system and user engagement. This modern technology indeed increases the Cost to build app like Zain Cash. But, once you add this innovative feature with the help of a top-rated Payment app development company, it’ll save your cost of customer support and time for solving consumers’ issues.

10. Push Notification:

This option notifies users about sending and receiving payments, offers and other important events of the app through the SMS.

11. Interactive UI/UX design:

A simple, tempting and user-friendly UI/UX design plays a significant role in better user engagement and increases the readability of the app. A renowned Payment app development company spends lots of breath designing an interactive interface for your app. Zain cash like app development cost also varies with the UI/UX design of the app.

Estimated cost of developing an app like Neopay:

Estimated cost of developing an app like Neopay

Zain cash like app development cost is evaluated based on a number of things like the app complexity, app platforms, developers’ rate and location, development time, and more. Considering those factors, any leading Mobile app development company can give you the estimated Cost to build app like Zain Cash is around $35,000 to $55, 000 including the cost of post-launch services like maintenance and upgradation. If you add more advanced features with emerging technology to your payment appthe range can increase.


The more people will be dependent on a mobile app for any service and shopping, the trends of payment app development will grow as the digital money transfer rate will be high with that. Hence, if you have a plan for developing a payment app, the analysis of the Cost to develop app like Zain Cash will help you to plan for this type of appYou just need to hire a top-notch Payment app development company that can craft a revenue-driven and high-quality app for your business cost-effectively.


What would be the cost to build a payment app?

The Cost to build app like Zain Cash depends on many factors like app design, features, complexity, developer’s rate and location, number of platforms, tech stack and more. Considering those features and including post-launch service, the approximate cost to build a payment app is around $35,000 to $55, 000.

How to use the Payment app?

A user can safely connect their debit or credit card information to a mobile wallet app to use a mobile wallet. To avoid fraudulent transactions, the majority of mobile wallets will demand fingerprint or facial recognition authentication. As a substitute, customized QR codes can be used to receive mobile payments.

What are the monetization strategies for the Payment app?

There are 3 main strategies to monetize your payment app.
  1. Cost per payment: You can charge users for each transaction.
  2. Cost per feature: Users need to pay an amount to access some additional features of the app or get some specific functionality for free.
  3. Cost per Usage: If a user has high account activity for a specific time, he or she needs to pay less for usage. But, when it is less useful, he needs to pay more.
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