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From “GoCoronaGo” to “Sampark-o-Meter,” a range of smartphone applications have been created by the Indian Institute of Science (IISc), Bangalore and four Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs) to help counter coronavirus in that region.

A team at IISc has created the “GoCoronaGo” software to better identify individuals who might have crossed paths with perpetrator COVID-19.

The apps to find Coronavirus positive case help identify users who may have crossed paths with COVID-19 successful persons or offenders by using Bluetooth and GPS to monitor their experiences in the past.


It uses temporal network analytics in the backend to understand the risk tendency even for remote connections, understand the transmission of disease, and recognize individuals at high risk who are likely to contract and transmit the virus, Tarun Rambha, a member of the IISc faculty, told PTI.

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These are the best apps related to coronavirus to download:

Coronavirus Apps to Get You through the Boredom and Monitor the Pandemic

iconCovid Symptoms Tracker

This is an amazing Covid-19 app right now, developed by doctors and scientists at King’s College London, Guys and St. Thomas’ Hospitals and Zoe Global Limited, a healthcare group. The app instructs users to take a one-minute test to self-report their symptoms regularly, to slow down the spread of Covid-19, and recognize potential cases as early as possible.


Have you ever heard of an app to assist improved mental health? Okay, now you have when Youper uses artificial intelligence to help people lower their levels of anxiety control their mood, and boost their sleep. The hired mobile app developers use a range of approaches including Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Tolerance and Engagement Counseling, Mindfulness to help people appreciate their feelings, and strengthen relationships.



If you haven’t used Headspace for moments of solace to help you fall asleep or soothe your mind while you drive to work, it couldn’t be easier to use it now. Including hundreds of guided meditations on everything from handling stress to anxiety and sleep, the app is one of our favorite mindfulness devices. There is ‘SOS’ exercises for moments of fear or tension, simulations to teach your new skills, a mode of action to encourage diligent cardio and workouts, and a sleeping app to help you relax into relaxed sleepiness.


If you’re seriously annoyed with your housemates’ playing cards or a significant other right now, it’s about time you’ve got Wordfeud going. Unlike Scrabble, Wordfeud is a platform game in which you challenge friends after landing on a double letter, double word, triple letter or single phrase tiles to reach high scores. Best still, you can play with your mates, or challenge random opponents.


If you get increasingly sick and tired of news alerts about coronavirus, constant videos of your friends on WhatsApp, and you are constantly scrolling through Instagram during your lunch break, then you will need Liberation. Although on most Android apps you can still set access limits, this app helps you to prevent obstacles on all of your apps and strengthen your tech partnership.



Similar to Youper, during Covid-19 this app is ideal for those who want to keep a tab on their feelings and emotions.

The mobile app development company has developed this kind of app to help evaluate your mental health, whether it’s by answering your emotional and physical well-being questions regularly or sharing your assessment with mental health providers. You may also focus on your emotions and feelings through audio and written prompts using the mood planner and CBT practice modes.

iconHouse Party

If you’re dealing with your closest friends not getting face-to-face experiences then-House party is a must-download. The app is a social network where users can communicate via video chat with friends and family.

The app warns users that other people are ‘in the room,’ helping them to immediately launch a discussion. It’s important to remember that the app allows users to chat with up to eight people concurrently-ideal for those irritated by the four-person cap of Face Time and WhatsApp.

House Party


This app, which is prescribed frequently by clinicians to assist with therapy and CBT, helps you to keep a private diary free of charge to monitor your everyday behavior to behaviors to see how and how they affect each other.

You can add notes on each entry, emoji on help express your moods regularly, set reminders to encourage your entries, pick colors that represent your moods (which you can change as well), create expectations and develop new routines, and turn on a PIN lock to keep your entries secure.


If you are doing something today during Covid-19 self-isolation, you should install at least one of these coronavirus applications, or software relevant to coronavirus statistics. Several of these apps were designed to help you keep track of both how the virus is evolving and stay up-to-date with the best guidance on wellbeing.



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