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Are you a business owner or entrepreneur who has plans of launching a web or mobile app? You are likely to wonder as to which technologies should be used for developing your website or app. In this regard, you might have come across terms like MEAN Stack development and MERN stack development.

Let’s understand these technologies in brief.

What is a Technology Stack?

When we refer to a technology stack, it is a critical part of any mobile and web application system. It is referred to as a combination of programming languages and software used in a project. It acts as a critical element of mobile and web applications. These are the software, frameworks, and languages upon which everything else is built.

What is MEAN stack development, and Why should you choose it?

MEAN is a collection of JavaScript-based technology that is used to develop complex progressive and responsive apps or websites.

MongoDB, Express, Angular, and Node.js form the MEAN stack technology. MEAN is one of the fastest-growing open-source JavaScript frameworks. It offers many tools and plugins that are used to develop complex and hybrid apps. You can hire MEAN stack developers to create a mobile app and website quickly.

What is MERN stack development, and why should you choose it?

MERN is another open-source full-stack technology used to develop multiple libraries, databases, frameworks, and more.

It comprises of the components like Mongo DB, Express, React, and Node.js. MERN stack development provides powerful End to end framework support.

Just like MEAN, MERN also works on JavaScript and growing popularity. You must hire MERN development services for a smooth flow of the project development.

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MEAN and MERN stack development – Differences between the two. 

Angular vs React is what lead to the popularity of MEAN vs MERN development. React is overtaking Angular as a popular framework in recent years.

As per the report of HackerRank Developer Skill, Angular was the most popular choice for the web framework. However, in 2019 this changed, and React gained more popularity than Angular.

Learning Curve:

As far as MongoDB, Express, and Node.js are concerned, they are quite popular. There is no pronounced difference in the curve as far as these three are concerned. However, this curve varies to React and Angular. Angular is a complete front end framework and allows the UI of the application to be dynamic. As it uses templates and typescripts, you can see a steep learning curve here. Whereas, with the React library, there isn’t much of this learning curve. But React does offer a better quality of documentation when compared to Angular making it easier to learn React.

Data Flow:

In Angular, the flow of data is bidirectional so if you change the UI then the model state is changed automatically. That is quite different to React, where the data flow is unidirectional. So in the React project, you can change UI only after changing the model state.

For large project management, the unidirectional data binding of React provides a better overview. That makes MERN stack web development services most ideal for larger projects.

On the other hand, for smaller projects, the bidirectional dataflow of Angular is more efficient. So Custom Made MEAN Stack Development Services should be your bet for such projects.


Given the fact that MongoDB, Node.js, and React.js are common for both MEAN stack development and MERN stack development, the only productivity differences lie between Angular and React. Angular is more productive as it is a complex framework.

Many third-party integrations are used with React libraries and this can lead to a decrease in productivity. Command Line Interface (CLI) of Angular makes it easier to upgrade codes, this further enhances its productivity. Updating codes in React takes some effort because of the third-party integration.

Get in touch with our MERN Stack Development Company to know if MERN is the right fit for your project.

How do you choose between the two?

Well, that depending on many factors:

Size of the project: If your project is large, then the unidirectional data flow of React might help in better execution. You should take up MERN development services for such a project. If your project is small, then Angular is a better fit as its bi-directional. You can consider hiring a MEAN Stack Development Company for such projects.

Level of experience: 

If you plan to hire a well-experienced team who has great knowledge of web frameworks then there is a lesser learning curve scenario, and you can use MEAN stack development in such cases. However, if the developers are moderately experienced then hiring a MERN Stack Development Company would be better for you.

Performance: The recent updates of virtual DOM in React offers better performance compared to Angular. If performance is the key for your business then MERN stack web development services is a better choice for you.

Defect Prevention

MEAN stack development is a clear winner here. Angular’s Typescript framework prevents any error in the codes during the coding stage itself.

Long term outlook

When it comes to long term writing, both React and Angular are written popular. However, React is grabbing all the attention now, and you will find it easier to hire MERN development services in the future. If you have a long term plan of work and foresee considerable requirements then you must go with MERN stack.



The modern-day technologies have made the development of website and apps faster than before. However, with a wide range of technologies available in the market, you might find it hard to choose one for your project. That is where we help so don’t worry and contact our MEAN stack development company or leverage on our MERN stack development services.

Both MEAN and MERN have many similarities and offer many advantages. They do differ in some criteria such as development, productivity and long-term outlook, etc. Thus, on ultimate analysis, the choice of technology stack would solely depend on your project requirements.

You can get in touch with us to know more.


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