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Coinbase is composed to order an astronomical valuation at the time virtual currency exchange appears public on Wednesday. However, if you ask 10 market professionals how this organization must be valued, you will hear 10 various answers. It happens because the latest business of Coinbase is the one that in the first quarter develops a massive $1.8 billion of approximate revenue and turns net income up to $800 million. This massive revenue is almost completely built on ethereum and bitcoin’s performance.

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All these cryptocurrencies seem like skyrocketed greater than 800% and 1,300% respectively in the previous year. This is the reason why the maximum number of U.S. investors are chasing behind on Coinbase to buy those assets, has developed ninefold on that stretch. People think Coinbase must hit the public market besides its own private market that reaches the valuation of $100 billion. This catching people’s eyes to an entirely diluted share market, it might turn to be one of the most important U.S. organizations among the 85 organizations.

Now, ahead of the Nasdaq debut, the major question for investors- What actually happens to a crypto company with historically non-typical developed, along with huge uncertainty? Moreover, what happens when there are no clashes between official headquarters with the diligence of Wall street and acquainted metrics like price-to-earnings ratios and price-to-sales ratios?

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The founding managing partner of Apeira Capital investment company stated that developing any start-up seems challenging, but he thinks the valuation issue is far more challenging for a company like Coinbase.

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