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The world of mobile apps has recently got much diversified. Just few years ago, there were few apps that pertained to online shopping and that too, for specific products and brands. Today, we have an app for almost everything that we do in our day-to-day lives. From shopping to booking an instant cab and from ordering your favorite food to tracking your fitness, mobile apps have offered seamless flexibility to access anything. Celebrity look alike app is another addition to the category where you can take a selfie and see what celebrity face do you resemble. Celebrity look alike apps have got much recognition across the globe as there will hardly be anyone who would not be interested to know which celebrity face he or she resembles. In this blog, we have mentioned some best celebrity look alike appsthat you can use for unlimited fun and enjoyment with your friends and family.

An Overview of Celebrity Look Alike Apps

An Overview of Celebrity Look Alike Apps

The concept generally emerged ever since the craze for taking selfies and uploading them on social media sites has evolved. The mobile app development company has efficiently used face recognition technology and some other top-class algorithms to help users find the best match for their face pertaining a celebrity. A fad, that has captured every age group and gender and people are downloading such apps at an unprecedented rate. Here are some filters that these apps use to offer resemblance to different types of celebrities for anyone.

  • Hollywood celebrity look alike filters
  • Sports person look alike filters
  • Pop singers look alike filters
  • Political celebrities look alike filters
  • Tik-Tok celebrities look alike filters

Now let’s take a look on our top pick celebrities look alike apps that we have found to be most effective and engaging to keep you enthralled.



This is the most amazing celebrity look alike app that has gained huge userbase within a short time span because of its incredible features and seamless user experience that it offers. The app has a perfect blend of Artificial Intelligence and beautification technology that allow users to find their celebrity doppelgangers in a much convenient and enticing way. You just need to open the app and upload a selfie on it and the AI algorithm will turn the picture to the closest resembling celebrity. Apart from this, the app also offers several exciting photo editing features that will surprise you completely.

Why Gradient?

  • AI-powered photo app
  • AI portrait solution
  • An array of hair filters
  • Exceptional skin tone feature to edit images
  • AI cartoon style feature


Another exceptional celebrity look alike app that is known for its exciting photography and editing features. The IoT app development company has used Machine Learning technology to suggest the best celebrity match for your face. The app is also known for its unmatched accuracy that it offers while finding a celebrity match for your face. Moreover, the advanced face recognition algorithm is also capable of identifying emotions to bring best compatible match. The app has a smooth interface with which you can easily explore various interesting features to edit a photo. Celebs is free to download and is available for both Android and iOS users.

Why celebs?

  • Extensive database of more than 1000 celebrities
  • Quick comparison with high level accuracy
  • Find Out the animal you look like
  • Highly compatible with Instagram & Snapchat

Star By Face

Star By Face

It’s a kind of picture generator app that uses face recognition technology to bring the best celebrity match for your uploaded pic. You can find your celebrity look alike with great convenience through this amazing app. It uses its extensive data to bring the perfect celebrity match for you by making some instant changes to your photos. The app doesn’t collect or stores any photo of yours and this makes it a perfectly secured celebrity look alike app. You can share the results on your social media accounts and the photos get deleted once the process of facial recognition is completed.

Why Star By Face?

  • Extensive collection of celebrities’ faces
  • Highly relevant results
  • Exciting photo editing features
  • Available for both Android and iOS users for free

My Replica

This is one of the most amazing and convenient celebrity look alike apps that allows you to edit your photo in a professional way. This intuitive celebrity look alike app allows you to upload your selfies and compare them to celebrities based on your facial features and gestures. It includes a wide array of celebrities from different categories that you can match your photo with. The app also offers some interesting photo editing features that will help you to edit your photos in a much professional way.

Why My Replica?

  • HD quality photos
  • Quick & professional editing of photos
  • Highly accurate & precise results
  • Available for both Android & iOS users

All these four apps are absolutely free to download and are available for both Android and iOS users. Moreover, you will see minimum ads on these apps that will keep you engaged with photo editing and face recognition.

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