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It all started in July 2008 when Apple launched its App Store, which also made google realise that they have to do the same thing, and later they came up with Google Play Store and that same year, only the month of October. However things got more serious in 2010 when we came across with some of the most ambitious and exciting apps that transformed our phones into smartphones. Whether you believe it or not but time flies in the abdomen industry and in the time span of 10 years, we all can admit to the fact that there are certain apps that changed our lives for better.

Many apps have been transforming our lives for both good and bad. Mobile applications like Facebook Instagram candy crush, Snapchat, Tinder, Uber, and WhatsApp have madeit clear that mobile apps can do almost anything. Other than these applications, bedside to mention those that excited us and pushed the boundaries of the mobile app development industry.

This article is dedicated to such apps. So, if you’re planning on going on a stroll in the good old times of mobile applications, then this might be the article for you.

Best Apps of the Decade (Android and iOS)

Best apps of the decade


Photo editing is looking so easy if that wasn’t for Snapseed. This application made for editing look easy e as it came out with something different. It was one of those apps that came out with swipe and touch actions to adjust your photos. Today, with its destructive photo editing tools, snapseed has become the best free image editor that is available on both Android and iOS platforms.



Gone are the days when we have to search the whole internet just to download a couple of songs. Spotify along with other music streaming services have made it quotes simple for music lovers, as you can stream and download your favourite songs in just a tap or two. Like it wasn’t enough, apps like Spotify and Amazon Music, lets you stream endless amount of podcasts.



YouTube is always been one of those apps which you can find on every single smartphone, and on the verge of this global lockdown, YouTube is known to be the most used app nowadays. We all can admit to the fact that in the times of total boredom, YouTube comes out as a saviour.

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Google Pay

Do you remember the days when paying and receiving money was only limited to cheques? If you do, then you can always agree to the fact that it was easy but time consuming method. However the times have changed, Google pay and other alternatives have changed the way we pay and receive money, and the best part is sometimes we do end up with some cashbacks which is always a plus point.



If you are a smartphone gamer then you know what I am talking about. Whether you believe it or not but PUBG has taken over the world like a wildfire. In fact, you can find this game on every other individual. Being an online multiplayer shooting game, you dive in an island along with 99 others and your job is to come out on top by killing all of them, once you do that, guess what winner winner chicken dinner.


LastPass password manager

LastPass is proven to be one of those mobile applications which you should have in your smartphone. As the name suggests, this is a password manager that lets you save your login credential in a more safe and secure way. Moreover,Itarsi capability to generate nearly impossible passwords for the users so that you can use them on your account. What makes this password manager sets out is the fact that is being controlled with the master password. Being a cross-platform application, you can download this app on your smartphone, PC, and tablet.



SwiftKey keyboard is hands down the most powerful and customisable third-party keyboard application available on smartphones.  Though it is a free application to download, you can always pay for customisable themes which worth the investment. Other useful features include; SwiftKey Flow which lets you gesture type, multiple language support, dedicated number row, cross device syncing and so on.


Google Maps and Waze

When it comes on two moving from point a to point b people nowadays rely on their smartphone instead of anything else, but to be more specific rely on Google Maps or Waze. We all can admit the fact that ever since the inception of navigation apps, our lives have become quite easy at least in moving from one place to another. Buddhism are being updated on a regular basis just to offer the users the best possible service which we all deserve. The best part about these apps is that they give you access to places of interest, traffic data, directions to things like gas stations and stops, and now with recent updates you can use these apps in offline mode.

iconGoogle Drive

This is one of those apps which you must have used at least once in your life but to be honest it deserves more of your attention. The thing is, Google drive is a cloud storage application which is available on Android where all new users get 15gb of free space on signing up for the first time. The best part is you can buy more if on the need. But that’s just not it, what makes Google drive a better cloud storage application is the fact that it includes a suite of Android apps, which include; Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Slides, Google Photos, Gmail, Google Keep, and Google Calendar.



Just like any other application mentioned in this list, Netflix has managed to become a cultural phenomenon. Be it an Original, exclusive series such as Money Heist and House of Cards, Netflix has got everything you need in terms of entertainment. It has been found that Netflix has more than 167 million subscribers world wide and 60 million United States of America. In just 200 rupees you can get Netflix on your mobile and if you seek something more than that you can pay more for more screens and better quality.


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