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Avo, a company that helps companies manage their data quality better through teams, today announced it has raised a $3 million seed round led by GGV Capital, with participation from Heavybit, Y Combinator, and others.
As businesses gather more data across products and departments, the process tends to get unwieldy and different departments to end up using different approaches (or simply different tags), causing inefficiencies and problems in the data pipeline.
“But then it forced us to launch bad product updates based on inaccurate data.” The issue only became more evident over time. And that usually clunky procedure includes a project manager and a spreadsheet today.

The Avo team set out to generate a better way around this at its heart, and after a few detours and other product concepts, Olafsdóttir and her co-founders during their time in the Y Combinator program regrouped to concentrate on exactly this issue.
Avo offers a collaborative workspace to build and optimize its data pipelines for developers, data scientists, and product managers. “Successful product analytics is the product of cooperation between these cross-functional stakeholder groups,” argues Olafsdóttir, and Avo aims to provide these groups with a forum for their analytical preparation and governance — and set company-wide standards for how they generate their analytical events.
If this is completed, Avo provides developers with type-safe analytics code and debuggers that allow them to take those snippets in a matter of minutes and add them to their code.
Many organizations, the team argues, know — deep down — that they cannot trust their data to the full. But sometimes they don’t even know how to fix this problem. Also today Avo has launched its Inspector software to support them with this. This tool processes and visualizes event streams for an organization, and then highlights possible errors. Mismatches of form, missing properties, or other inconsistencies maybe these. This is, in many respects, a perfect advertising tactic for a business that strives to prevent precisely those issues.

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At this point, as most startups do, Avo aims to use the new funding to build up its team and continue to grow its product.
Avo provides simple deployment for engineers while maintaining schemes and analytics governance for product leaders, “GGV Capital Managing Partner Glenn Solomon said.”Our investment in Avo as the new kingmakers and industry leaders as the newest oracles is a venture in app developers”


One of Avo’s early clients is Rappi, the distribution service to Latin America. The problem with each new release of the software was that we will be breaking analytics. It accounted for 25 percent of our Jira tickets, “said Engineering head of Rappi, Damian Sima.Disclaimer

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