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The era that we are living in is highly dominated by technology and one of the best examples is in fact AI. Ever since the introduction of AI into our lives, we all can admit to the fact that it has somewhat made an impact on day-to-day lives. There is literally nothing nowadays that we can do without using technology, no matter what the purpose is, we tend to depend on technology a lot and in this context AI is the one we are going to address.

Now the question is what we can expect from AI in the future? Well, the answer is quite obvious, keeping in mind the exceptional growth in robotics industry; we may get a hybrid of robots and AI. To be honest, this is one of those things that most of us couldn’t wait for to happen. While robots nowadays can replicate actions and movements of humans, there are still some challenges they need to face in order to taste success.

Benefits of Artificial Intelligence (AI)

iconEnhanced Automation

AI is one complicated piece of technology, but the things that it can do are just sometimes hard to believe as it can perform intensive tasks that generally ask for a human to do. Apparently, AI is taking over apps, industries, and is planning to spread its talons to different business ventures.

Machine and deep learning technologies are being increasingly adopted in so many different industries which is apparently reducing workload for humans. The incorporation of AI has also brought reduction in operational costs which every industry wants in the first place.

iconNo Tedious Tasks

This aspect alone has got some controversies to its name. Given the fact that AI can set humans free from performing tedious tasks, it is also putting a lot of strain when it comes down to employment generation. Once we keep that aside, setting free from such tasks, humans can now work on more creative and explore other aspects of life.

iconSmart Weather Forecasting

We’ve seen a breakthrough in this particular aspect as AI and its technologies are being used in weather and climate forecasting which is turning out to be great and reliable at the same time.

This here is considered to be a match made in heaven as it incorporates various tools to observe and analyze complex climate data which was quite a hectic task back in the days.

While offering the benefits that we never expected, there are some disadvantages that AI has got, which we needed to address.

Disadvantages of Artificial Intelligence (AI)

iconCan cost you a lot of money and time to build, rebuild and repair. Well to do so, you can also use robot assistance but it’ll also cost you a pile of investment.

iconSnatching jobs has always been a concern in AI. With robots replacing jobs, it has made a negative impact on employment.

iconWith extensive use of AI and smartphones, humans can lose their mental capacities.

iconIf put in wrong hands, AI and robots can lead to the destruction.

iconThey cannot perform the task which is not programmed within them.

Now that we’ve mentioned all the things that you needed to know about AI, it’s time for us to lead you to the future. Now, we’ll be talking about the modern and better version of AI, i.e. Artificial General Intelligence.

Artificial General Intelligence (AGI)

AGI can be referred to as the next stage for AI. AGI is the representation of generalized human cognitive abilities in software so that, whenever faced an unfamiliar task, the AI system could find a way out. What does that mean? Well, in simple words, the AGI system has the capabilities to perform any task than a human is capable of.

Quite evidently, AGI is referred to as a strong version of AI that involves a system with comprehensive knowledge and cognitive computing capabilities to perform tasks just like a human.

Knowing That Vs Knowing How to Do That

The problem here is the fact that there are so many tasks that humans cannot explain how or even why, but they might know how to do it. For instance, a child knows that a bicycle has two wheels and they have air, and to ride it, you need to push the pedals forward in a circular motion. But this information is completely irrelevant than knowing how to ride a bicycle. The first kind of knowledge that we explained is called “knowing that” and the second one is known as “knowing how.”

These two kinds of knowledge are independent of each other, they might help each other. Knowing that you need to push the pedals forward can help you out, ride a bicycle. But “knowing how” cannot be compared with “knowing that”. Knowing how to ride a cycle does not mean that you understand how it works.

What we are trying to say is that it is not clear and very hard to predict what future has got for us in AGI development. But addressing the breakthroughs and advancements that we have witnessed in the past couple of years, it might get easier for tech geeks to figure out the future of AI. Now that we have mentioned it, it’s time for us to look into some advancement in different fields of AI and how they stack up together.


In AI algorithms can only solve problems like self-driving cars, well, for these algorithms to exist, it is important to have properly labeled data. There are significant efforts that are undergoing the process of reducing the size of the datasets that are required to create appropriate algorithms.


With more computing power and improved software, we can expect AI surpassing human intelligence. The point where these systems are smarter and more capable than human is called singularity. For any given tasks, these systems will be better than humans. And it is a fact that whenever a computer or a machine performs better than humans we tend to argue that they might take place of humans.

What to Expect in the Future from AI

 There’s no doubt about the fact that robots will be taking over the world, not literally of course but technically. Well, keeping that aside, there are certain things that we can expect from AI in the future.


AI and Robots: It’s a Match!

Now, it’s just a matter of time when we’ll be having AI-oriented robots and this is one of those things which is flourishing daily. With such incorporation, we’ll soon be able to enhance our bodies. App development companies nowadays are working on making such apps that can help out those who are disabled.


AI Will Help Create Functional Robots

Helping our bodies is just another aspect, but making the new ones and those too artificial life forms are on a whole another level. Back then robotics was just limited to science fiction movies, but it’s 2019 we are living in, and today with AI being a dominating technology, it seems possible and we can expect big breakthroughs, to be honest.

Wrap Up

With the facts listed above, there is no doubt regarding the fact that AGI will completely revolutionize the way we are living our lives. However, we can also expect mobile app development companies to incorporate such features into a full fletched application, and that would be the greatest breakthrough ever.

Final Thoughts

Do you have a killer idea, which you want to incorporate into an app? Well, in that case, you can always prefer Fluper to make that idea into a reality. Having years of experience in the app development industry, Fluper would be very happy to help you out and that too at reasonable costs.

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