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Thinking about business ideas is one thing and running an idea-emerging business is completely another thing. A business demands extensive research, developing networks, finding new clients, maintaining brand presence, monitoring all the accounts and managing a hundred other things simultaneously. Not only that, but time management is also a very important part of the business. Hence, it’s quite normal for every aspiring entrepreneur to have a fear to run a business in an organized way. But, in this era of digitization and using smartphones solve this problem by developing plenty of Apps for Entrepreneurs that manage their business most efficiently. So, all the leading Mobile App Development Companies are now very focused on business app development in UAE. There is a long list of apps for Entrepreneurs in the UAE. Here, only we’ll discuss the top 7 best Apps for Entrepreneurs that help them in day-to-day work.

1. Evernote:

This is one of the most famous note-taking apps that help you to jot down immediately any idea or work that comes into your mind, make a to-do list, store memories by capturing or scanning pictures, attach documents, and take voice memos and a clip from the internet. It can be accessed from a computer, tablet and phone as it can sync data of all the devices. It provides a powerful search option that recognizes words in handwriting, images and attachments that helps you to save time and focus on the particular task.

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2. Freshbooks:

This app is a cloud-based accounting solution that helps entrepreneurs to create and send unlimited invoices and take payments online. It offers some robust features like double-entry accounting, recurring invoices, mobile accounting and more that aid in managing clients and projects simultaneously. It also provides some bonus feature like time-tracking and data capture from receipt photos that helps users to maintain clients’ demand. This app allows entrepreneur to access their financials anytime and anywhere in a fast and easy way. This is one of the handiest Apps for Entrepreneurs

The app gives entrepreneurs quick and easy access to their financials anytime and anywhere. Bonus features such as add to their appeal.

3. LinkedIn:

This is one of the best networking Apps for Entrepreneurs. It allows users to build up professional connections throughout the world. That helps in hiring efficient employees, outsourcing work, knowing the activities of the competitors and most importantly it helps in market research.

4. Mint

Mint is a free budgeting app that allows users to link all financial accounts in one digital place. The users can track all their expenses, assess how much is going where and decide on future allocation. This app not only sets your budget but also helps in reminding the users about paying bills timely. It provides tips for managing investment by assessing the portfolio of the uses.

5. Booking.com

Business entrepreneurs need to travel to different places for travel and works purpose on short notice. Booking.com like a famous travel app helps users to plan their national and international travel by booking hotels and flights. This app can create travel itineraries and store all travel histories of the users. The upcoming travel dates and time are also synced with the calendar and reminds the users before the trips. This app has over 1 million active properties in more than 200 countries and territories.

6.  Eureeca

This Dubai-based crowdfunding app helps entrepreneur to pitch their ideas/ or expansion plans to a wide range of investors to raise funds for their business. The users just need to upload the business proposal and estimated cost on the app. If any investor finds it interesting, he’ll pledge funds for the project. Eureeca is a highly accessible channel for acquiring funding for startups.

7. Whatapp:

It is one of the trendiest instant messaging apps in the Gulf. Whatsapp allows quick messaging through text and voice across the world in the easiest way. It also offers voice and video calling. Whatsapp business gives numerous amounts of business facilities like displaying products, creating a group for text, voice and video chat, broadcasting groups and instant reply of messages with pre-defined text. Whatsapp can also be synced to the desktop or laptop which allows the users to access its feature through its web version.

Final thoughts:

This list of apps for Entrepreneurs brings a new wave to manage their business in a trendy and easiest way. If you want to create a unique business app you just want to find out any pain point of the business owners or the entrepreneurs and resolve it with your app. This is the trend of getting a profit through Mobile Apps for Entrepreneurs. Once you make a plan for business app development in UAE, you need to hire a business app developer who can build yours according to your idea.

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