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On Tuesday, Apple declared a battery pack that splits to the iPhone 12’s back to offer additional battery life. People will get benefited from this to get longer battery life from their favorite iPhone while it almost running to die. This MagSafe Battery Pack will cost $99 and is completely comes in white color. People can buy it now from preorder and will begin shipping next week. https://www.fluper.com/ipad-application-development

When it’s split on iPhone’s back, it could easily charge a phone with fast 5 watts of power- almost similar to the older one, square designed iPhone wall charger, and it comes in a slower speed than the 15 watts that available in regular MagSafe charger. While it’s associated with an iPhone, users could simply plug a cable into its Lightning port to give charging both the device and battery at superfast speed. 

Similar to other Apple accessories, it firmly integrates with the OS of the iPhone to produce extra iOS battery life. The launch of the product this week is the current in an accessories series utilizing Apple’s MagSafe system, which interacted the previous fall with the latest iPhones.  In different survey reports, extra battery life is consecutively one of the leading features which users desired from their latest smartphones.

Apple has launched battery-extending cases in the previous. However, without this MagSafe Apple’s smart battery cases have required to plug into the iPhone’s port physically to charge up it and provide extra battery life. On-Demand App Development

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