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iOS platform recently launched Facebook Collab for its users in the U.S. This experimental music making application has been launched in the month of May this year as an invite-only beta back by the NPE (New Product Experimentation) team of Facebook and can be now accessed by all iOS users residing in the United States.

Apple App Store launches Facebook Collab Music Video App for users residing in the U.S.-CTAThe NPE team has updated the music making app based on the inputs received that were provided by the beta testing community. Facebook Collab enables the iOS users in the U.S. to not just create but watch, mix, and match original videos by focusing on music. This experimental music making application is designed for the purpose of enabling the users to create music together both virtually and physically.

Apple App Store launches Facebook Collab Music Video App for users residing in the U.S.
Facebook Collab is enabled with audio syncing for helping the users in adjusting their recordings that are supposed to be aligned with other users in the collab. A spokesperson also mentioned that the users will not be required to hold any sort of experience in music or have training in the same for using this music making application. Users can create a collab upon swiping on any row for bringing in a new video clip and to make it sound better with their composition skills.

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U.S based iOS users can now create music with other anytime and anywhere and that too irrespective of the fact whether they are meeting each other physically or virtually. Using Facebook Collab, users can easily create, watch, mix and match videos by simply focusing on the music.


Apple App Store launches Facebook Collab Music Video App for users residing in the U.S.-CTA

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