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The mobile app development companies across the world are working hard to build an app. It is also well known that every successful mobile app requires careful planning and clear communication. Therefore, top mobile app development companies in Canada starts with a perfect strategy, which not only results in successful apps but also attracts business owners to invest in mobile app development. Let’ suppose, you have an amazing project and you are in the market for mobile app development services, which means it’s the time to source vendors.

In that case, it is the perfect time to create an RFP for a mobile app. You may be wandering what it is? Here is the answer-

What is an RFP?

First of all, it is important to understand that a mobile app Request For Proposal (RFP) is the best tactic for choosing a partner to work on your project. An RFP is a document which businesses will create in order to “request for proposals” from other businesses offering a service you want to buy.

Nowadays, Requests for proposal (RFP) are an important part of any major custom mobile app idea. In other words, a complete mobile app RFP will help you receive more relevant information regarding your specific project. Here, you will also be able to find the best mobile app developers to work with instead of choosing one that appears to be good, but does not have the expertise as needed.

It is well known that picking the best mobile app development company for your needs can be a challenging task, especially when so many vendors are trying to attract your attention. In order to make sure that your mobile app project really takes off, you need to get in touch with the best vendor and this is something that you can accomplish with a mobile app RFP. Also, you only need to ensure that your RFP clearly communicate your project goals, criteria for vendor selection, desired functionality, deadlines, selection process and contact info.

Important Considerations in RFP Process

By looking to the above facts related to the request for proposal, mobile application developers will surely think to have one for their business progress. In this blog, today I am going to discuss some important considerations to keep in mind while creating a RFP process. By paying attention to these considerations, you will know that if you have collected the right amount of information to appraise vendor responses accurately or not.

iconDiscuss with App Development Experts

The first and prime step for a perfect mobile app request for proposal is to consult with mobile app development experts before beginning to write the document. This is because, you may not be prepared to answer on your own to any specific information in your RFP.

Before writing and distributing the RFP document, it is crucial to take the experts’ advice. By doing this, vendors you approach can return the most accurate and valuable solution for your money.


Choose Mobile App Metrics

Now, it is clear that a mobile app RFP is the foundation of a successful development project. However, in order to write a comprehensive document; you need to understand what you want your app to accomplish. This is the case where app metrics are helpful. How the performance of your app is improving? How many visitors are coming to your app? These are some essential questions that come to mind when someone asks about your app.

You should be clear with the fact that how will you examine the success of your application. It can be either via performance metrics, engagement metrics, or business metrics of the app.


Mobile App Budgeting

Budget is a very serious determining factor when it comes to selecting an app development partner. Hence, it is important to make it very clear that you expect accurate communication for every factor related to cost. Your budget range will utter the kind of responses you will get in future. You need to have a loosely calculated, but precise to some extent, the budget that would best cover up the entire project costs.

It has been suggested that the budget you decide should be primarily based on two important factors, which are-

iconHow complex your problem solution is

iconThe quality you are looking for in the solution providing companies


Think About ‘Big Picture’

A major mistake many iOS, as well as Android app development companies, make in the RFP process is focusing on only the app itself. However, this is not the truth, you need to think big. What platforms are you targeting and what devices are you developing the app solution on? Once you will answer these questions, then you can easily determine what services you require and whether or not you need services throughout the entire project lifecycle from consulting to quality assurance.

As a matter of fact, it is inadequate that you will only need app development services, and you cannot get caught emphasizing product features without looking at the entire lifecycle.

Now, I have clearly mentioned all the points, which you may surely consider while creating mobile app RFP. This is also important to note that an RFP will help your team present the criteria and expectations of your development project. This strategy will help you narrow down the best vendor applicants for every task in the whole app development process.


Whether small or big, every organization needs a better partner to move further in the world of technology. If you collaborate with an experienced Android and iOS app development company, they will make recommendations on the functionality of the app, however, there needs to be enough information to understand what is required. In the current scenario, a detailed mobile app RFP helps eliminate uncertainty and sets the foundation for a project that is more likely to stay on time and within budget. Vendors will better understand exactly what you are looking for, resulting in a more accurate price and timeline estimations. In an RFP, you will have to include enough information about what you are intending to achieve within the partnership. Apart from that, the above points mentioned in the blog may help you for sure.


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