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The process of developing an application for Android devices that enables parents to regulate and keep an eye on their children’s online activity is known as Android parental control app development. To assist parents in making sure their kids are using their gadgets properly and safely, these apps frequently provide features like browser filtering, app restriction, time limitations, and location monitoring.

As more kids use smartphones and tablets for entertainment, education, and communication, parental control apps are growing in popularity. Developers may assist parents in giving their kids a safe and secure internet environment while also giving them piece of mind by creating an Android parental control app development . Parents can set rules and restrictions on their child’s gadget use with the use of an app that is simple to use and intuitive for both parents and kids, preventing any stress or disagreement.

Android Parental Control App Development Guide-

Although creating an Android parental control app development  can be difficult, the following general instructions should get you started:

Specify the app’s scope: Choose the features and capabilities the parental control app android should have. This may involve time restrictions, location tracking, app blocking, online filtering, and more.

study the people you want to reach: Determine the target demographic and learn about their wants and preferences.

The user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) should be planned: Provide a user interface (UI) that is straightforward, user-friendly, and intuitive for both parents and kids.

Choose a programming language and a development platform: Choose the platform for app development and the programming language you’ll employ. Java or Kotlin are typically used to create Android apps.

The development environment should be set up: To get started, install Android Studio and the required software development kits (SDKs).

Create the essential components of the app: Start working on the app’s essential features, such as web filtering, app restriction, and time limits.

Test the app: Make sure the app is operating as intended by testing it on several devices.

Add new features: After the main functions have been created and tested, think about adding other features like social media monitoring and location tracking.

Put security measures in place: A parental control app android needs to be secure, so make sure you put authentication and encryption in place.

Publish the app: Submit the app to the Google Play Store or other app stores as soon as it has undergone all necessary testing and is prepared for release.

When creating a parental control app android , keep in mind to adhere to all rules and laws and to put kids’ security and safety first.

A parenting programme called FamilyKeeper assists parents in shielding their kids from different online dangers. Your kids may engage in all of their favorite activities thanks to this app. Because this software promotes responsible online behavior, you may feel at ease about your child’s security.

Features of Android parental control app development-

To assist parents in regulating and monitoring their children’s mobile device use, parental control app development for Android may incorporate a number of functions. One or more of the following functionalities should be present in every Android parental control app:

App blocking and filtering: Parental control over app access and usage is provided by the app blocking and filtering feature. By doing this, you can stop kids from using improper or potentially hazardous apps.

Filtering and blocking of content: Parents can establish filters to prevent children from accessing violent or unsuitable online content, such as pornographic websites.

Time limits and schedules: Parents can impose time restrictions on device use and even create schedules for when their children can use their devices. By doing this, you can make sure that kids are using their gadgets in moderation and at the right times.

Geolocation tracking: With the help of this tool, parents may view their child’s current location. This can be helpful in making sure that kids are safe and in their proper places.

Call and message monitoring: Parents may keep an eye on the calls and messages their children receive and even block specific phone numbers. This can lessen the likelihood that kids will get offensive calls or messages.

Panic button: With the help of this function, kids can rapidly notify their parents or the emergency services in the event of an emergency.

Analytics and reports: The app can offer analytics and reports that let parents see how their children are using a device. This can assist parents in identifying future problems or worries so that they can modify their parental restrictions as necessary.

Monitoring and remote control: Even when they are not in the same room as their children, parents can remotely control and supervise their devices. Setting restrictions, modifying parental settings, or even locking the device if necessary can all be done with this.

These are just a few of the functions that an Android parental control app might include. Depending on the demands and preferences of the app’s users will determine the exact features and functionality.

Essential Resources for Parental Control App Development-

Below are some of the main tools that should be supplied in your parental control software. These fundamental tools will aid in implementing the app’s fundamental functionality.

Android/iOS Kiosk Mode Tool

With iOS 9 and newer as well as Android versions 5.0 and higher, kiosk mode is accessible. The operating system’s entire functionality can be blocked by the parents. Also, the app will submit all user activity statistics to the server.

API for Screen Pinning

Parents can pin their kids to a specific screen or app in kiosk mode using this auxiliary API. Children won’t be able to use other programmes or apps or navigate away from the app.


Firebase is just a BaaS (Backend-as-a-Service) that will allow you to track the whereabouts of your children. You can store your app on Firebase independent of the Platform it is designed on.

Device Policy Controller (DPC) 

With DPC, parents can easily set up the apps that are installed on the children’s devices as well as the devices themselves. Directly from the DPC, all settings and limits can be assumed.

How Does Parental Control Operate?

The primary idea behind parental control is to give parents the ability to remotely regulate how much time their children spend using smart gadgets. Hence, parents may easily make sure that their kids benefit from technology and the internet while shielding them from its drawbacks.

  • Due to the way parental control applications operate, parents can restrict how much time their kids spend using their smart gadgets.
  • Instead of keeping their kids completely uninformed about technology and the internet, parents can easily provide their kids the required and sufficient exposure.
  • Parents can instruct their children to only search the internet for useful information.
  • Parents will permit their children to use smartphones for gaming, but they can turn them off for supper.
  • The youngster will be given the freedom to be independent by travelling alone to school and other local destinations, but they will always be under remote supervision.
  • It is made sure that the child doesn’t communicate with any strangers on the devices.
  • Every time the youngster is in danger or is experiencing an emergency, SOS alerts let the parents know.

What Classes Can Parental Control Applications Be Put Into?

After reading the aforementioned part, it may have been difficult for you to recall what general steps you may take to ensure your kids’ safety. In order to define the total control you will have over your children’s devices, we have separated the overall functions into four areas.

Monitoring and controlling

When a youngster uses the gadget, the monitoring control allows for thorough tracking of their activity and whereabouts. You’ll always be aware of where they are sitting, what they’re doing, where they’re going, whether they’re playing games or accessing the internet, and much more.

Computer Usage Limits

It is more akin to a management tool that mandates the monitoring of particular software being excessively utilised by kids. As a result, you will always be aware of and in control of the applications that are operating on the device.

Controls for Content Filters

Gadgets can be both allies and enemies. So, you shouldn’t restrict the devices themselves, but you should limit the content they may access. Using a parental control programme, you can regulate the kind of content your child accesses.

Use Restrictions

The establishment of a time limit is another application for parenting control apps. You may limit your kids’ screen time while also making sure they get the essential exercise.

Cost Estimates for Creating a Parental Control App

After the discussion is over, a query about the cost of creating such an app arises. The creation of a parental control app android can undoubtedly result in a significant passive income, but first it requires investment, and it is crucial to know how much.

Since several elements work together to determine the cost of app development, there is no such thing as a fixed price for developing an app. The costs of app development for you will depend on the following elements as you develop the app:

  • the nation from which you are hiring the developer
  • You wish to include certain features in your app.
  • The length of time it takes for developers to create an app
  • The system on which you wish to develop your app (iOS, Android, or both)
  • when to start the app
  • the kind of motif you wish to employ (free or paid)
  • The app development team’s pricing and level of experience
  • To develop an app with good functionality and features, you’ll need to set aside $50,000–$70,000, so keep your wallet ready.

A Parental Control App Development Process-
The general steps to creating a parental control app are as follows:

Define the features and scope of your parental control app by jotting down a list of the features you intend to include. App and website blocking, screen time management, content filtering, location tracking, and usage reports are some typical features.

Decide on a platform: Choose the platform on which you wish to develop your app. Although iOS and Android are the two most widely used platforms, you should also think about creating software for Windows, Mac, or the web.

Create the user interface: Create a user interface that is simple for both parents and kids to use and navigate. Make sure that the app’s UI is intuitive and visually appealing.

Create the app: Employ a group of skilled developers who can create the app in accordance with the features and guidelines you have established. Make sure the app is dependable, quick, and bug-free.

Test the app : Test the app carefully to make sure it performs as planned and is free of bugs or issues. To make sure the app functions properly in various settings, test it on several hardware and software platforms.

Install the app: Install the app from the appropriate app store(s), such as the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store. Make sure the app complies with the store’s specifications and rules.

Promote the app: Market the app by placing advertisements on pertinent websites, social media networks, and parenting discussion groups. To help advertise your app to a larger audience, take into account forming partnerships with institutions, groups, or influencers.

Maintain and update the app: Updating the programme on a regular basis will help you fix bugs, add new features, and enhance performance. To make sure that your app continues to be relevant and helpful, keep up with the most recent industry standards and recommendations.

Support your customers: To assist customers with any problems or inquiries they might have, offer customer service. A help section or FAQ page should be included in your app to direct users through frequent problems.


Are apps for parental control legal?

In general, it’s not against the law to watch your child’s internet behaviour unless your country or state considers them to be an adult (check the laws of where you live to be sure). In the US, using a parental control app on an adult’s phone without that person’s authorization is illegal and effectively eavesdropping.

Is there a free parental control app?

One of the top free parent control options is Google Family Link. The numerous functions of it work seamlessly with the Android operating system. Some of its features include location tracking, app management, habit tracking, and device locking.

How frequent are parenting apps?

Only 6% of respondents overall stated they now had multiple mobile apps on their devices explicitly devoted to family or parenting. Just 8% have one such app. And 86% of people have none. 7% of respondents who are parents now reported using numerous parenting apps.

Do child safety measures actually work?

Certainly, parental control programmes are incredibly useful for ensuring children’s online safety. There may be some apps that are ineffective, but the finest and most popular apps in the area are the ones that are truly effective. To utilize the features, you might have to pay a subscription fee or other fees.

Are parental control apps safe?

To provide you control over your children’s phones, parental control applications require a lot of access and permission. Thus, the apps in this category may have problematic data privacy policies. By carefully selecting the permission you provide to the app, you may reduce the risk to your data privacy.

Why is parental monitoring important?

It is not a good idea to keep kids who are not familiar with technology and digital devices in this digital age. Technology exposure, however, may have a negative effect on people’s minds. Therefore, parental supervision helps to ensure that kids are using technology and devices only for positive content exploration.

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