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Are you aware of the fact that there is quite a big list of android mobile phone applications that are banned from the Play Store?

Have you ever considered the reason or reasons underlying this action taken up by Google???

Well! It is time for you to stop and ponder…If you are an app developer or at least planning to enter this venue, then you need to seriously do research on the same before you plunge in.

Google has it’s own reasons to take such actions against any application built on Android platform and developed by an individual developer or a mobile app development company.

The Search Engine Guru has more than 1 million applications available on it’s play store for users to install and enjoy. But it does have a set of rules and regulations as well which an App developer needs to keep in mind while developing any application for Android Smart Phones. If they fail to comply with such rules, they end up in the trash.

Year 2016 witnessed the omission of over 13 android applications from the Play Store on grounds of them being malicious or illegal and exerting negative impact on their end users.

This article has given a compilation of the top and popular apps that have been unfortunately omitted from the store.

List of top 9 banned Android Mobile Phone Applications

Android App Banned

Few of the names included in the given list have been quite popular with the viewers initially but have suffered the unfortunate fate for multiple reasons. Let us discover the reasons behind such a step taken by Google against them.

  • AdAway-

    The name of the application is self explanatory in the sense that it stop or block any type of advertisement on your Android phone. Google banned it for obvious reasons since its’ major earnings comes from paid ads.

  • TubeMate-

    This particular android application was very popular initially. It enabled users to directly download the you tube videos straight on their smart phone devices. Hence Google intervened and immediately removed it from it’s play store.

  • Rush Poker-

    This was also a much sought after app that allowed the users to gamble with real money. However, it created a bad impact on the under-aged users. Google wasted no time in flushing the app down the gutter.

  • TV Portal-

    Many users like to download TV serials on their phones and view the old episodes over and over again. TV Portal application made it easy for such users, allowing them to directly stream popular shows on their android phones. But Google stepped in and removed it from the Play Store rack due to Copyright Issues.

  • Flappy Bird-

    This popular bird game was removed from both the Android and Apple Play Stores. The creator, Don Nguyen, later explained in Twitter that this game was ruining his life.

  • Grooveshark-

    This particular app fell into a controversial cycle and was removed and reinstated multiple times. Finally it was banned for legal issues bought up by Recording Industry Association of America.

  • PSX4Droid-

    This was a Play Station Emulator allowing Android Phone users to play Play Station games directly on their smart mobile device. Again this was discarded for legal and copyright issues.

  • OGInsta-

    This particular Android application was meant for those who are Instagram heavy. This app allowed users to long press and zoom in on any picture to download from Instagram and the videos as well. Google had it removed to protect the privacy of Instagram users.

  • Amazon Appstore

    It was definitely considered a stark rival of google Play Store, launched by China. This application used to offer a daily free app promo.
    Guess the reason for it getting banned???

Summing Up

There are few others such as MIUI Music, CM Installer, Honey Comb, Just Fire etc. that can be added to the list as well.
Few of the android applications were really useful and appealing to the user but were unfortunately banned from the Google Play Store for the reasons mentioned above. If you are a newbie in the field of app development, better be cautious or else your creation might face the same fate.

Fluper, one of the key companies in the field of Application development for smart phone devices, believes in developing android apps, as well for iOS Devices, endowed with unique features keeping up with the rules and regulations laid down by Google.

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    Ashley Marsh Reply

    If you are an app developer or at least planning to launch your mobile app then first you decide that this app is perfect design and developed and follow all guidelines of Google, if you don’t follow the guidelines and all things which are important for launching the mobile app then your app is also banned from google play store ,so Be aware.

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