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The Crew Interactive Mobile Companion (CIMON) documented its initial mission to the ISS (International Space Station), which occurred last November, including turning into the first independent free-floating robot to function onboard the station, and the foremost smart astronaut supporter. However, CIMON is more than an Alexa and CIMON-2. CIMON 2 was released aboard SpaceX ISS resupply mission. It is going to showcase multiple manners the astronaut support robot can assist that functioning in space.


CIMON is the manufactured goods of teamwork between IBM, Airbus, and the German Aerospace Center (DLR). Also, its objective is to design, as well as develop, a robotic assistant for utilization that can offer various functions, including stuff as ordinary as assisting to recover data and remain track of jobs astronauts are implementing on board the place, and as untamed as possibly assisting to curb or alleviate the results of social problems that may arise from locations in which a little team operates in close quarters for a long time.

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IBM Matthias Biniok, the project manager  on the Watson Artificial Intelligence aspects of the mission, “The goal of mission one was really to commission CIMON and to really understand if he can actually work with the astronauts — if there are experiments that he can support.” “So that was very successful — the astronauts really liked working with CIMON.”

AI Enabled Assistant Robot

Biniok continued, “Now, we are looking at the next version: CIMON-2.” Adding further he said, “That has more capability. For example, it has better software and better hardware that has been improved based on the outcomes that we had with mission one — and we have also some new features. So for example, on the artificial intelligence side, we have something called emotional intelligence, based on our IBM Watson Tone Analyzer, with we’re trying to understand and analyze the emotions during a conversation between CIMON and the astronauts to see how they’re feeling — if they’re feeling joyful, if something makes them angry, and so on.”

That, Biniok states, could assist develop CIMON into a automatic countermeasure for something known as “groupthink,” a phenomenon in which a set of users who work narrowly together slowly have all their views migrate toward similarity or consensus. A CIMON with good touching intelligence could perceive when this may be happening, and respond by either offering an aim, impartial view — or even possibly getting on a “Devil’s advocate” or contrarian perspective, Biniok says.

He even mentioned, “Time is super expensive on the International Space Station.”“And it’s very limited, so if we could save some crew time with planning, that would be super helpful to the astronauts. CIMON can also support experiments — imagine that you’re an astronaut up there, you have complex research experiments going on, and there’s a huge amount of documentation for that. And if you are missing some information or you have a question about it, then you have to look up in this documentation, and that takes time. Instead of doing that, you could actually just ask CIMON — so for example, ‘what’s the next step CIMON?’ or ‘why am I using Teflon and not any other materials?’”

Moreover, CIMON can perform as a mobile documentarian with the help of it’s aboard video camera to evidence experiments and additional actions on the Space Station. Biniok notes, it’s capable of doing so separately, too, so that an astronaut can hypothetically inquire it to guide to a precise place, take a photo, then revisit and illustrate that picture to the astronaut.



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