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One of the leading smartphone game creators, Unity3D is also among the most exciting and powerful cross-platform 3D engines around the globe. It is easy enough for beginners and, at the same time, powerful enough for the experts. No matter whether you are an iPhone game development company or android game development, if you are looking to create a 3D game or application for mobile, desktop, or web, you can easily trust Unity3D and its extensive features. In this post, we will be discussing some of the salient advantages of opting for Unity3D.

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1It is a cross-platform engine

On e of the most prominent things about Unity3D is that it is a cross-platform engine. You don’t have to imprison yourself to a single platform. The games you create can be used across 25 different platforms like mobiles, desktop, TV, gaming consoles AR, VR, etc.- This clearly shows the diversity Unity3D¬†game development possesses.

2It is an all-in-one editor

Unity3D comprises an easy-to-use all-in-one editor loaded with some extensive features that are highly flexible. These features include Real-time Global Illumination, Advanced memory profiling, Retargetable animations, etc. All these features aid a lot in creating compelling and resounding 3D games, which even an iPhone game development company uses.

3An effective and reliable engine

In a report generated in 2018, it was revealed that Unity3D had more than 60% of the market share in the Augmented and Virtual Reality space, with over 40% of mobile gaming platforms using the platform to develop games. These platforms included both Android and iOS game development companies. The numbers clearly suggest that Unity3D is among the most reliable and preferred game development engines across the globe.

4Offers a great visual treat

One more impactful advantage of using Unity3D is that it is a visually appealing platform that creates visual experiential games. Apart from giving a visual treat to the eyes, Unity3D is also less complicated.

5Unity Analytics

Here’s another good reason for using Unity Analytics. The built-in analytics offered by Unity3D helps you in discovering fundamental insights about your game. The information generated by the analytics helps you in tweaking gameplay and offers a breathtaking experience for the players. If you are planning to squeeze the most out of the monetization efforts you invested in your game, it is imperial to switch to Unity Analytics.

6Unity Teams

When you have a team at your disposal working ardently on a project to achieve a particular goal, there are a lot many things that goes into ensuring that the team members are working with their full potential and spirit. With Unity Teams, your team can work seamlessly, courtesy of the state-of-the-art features that simplify workflow and enable collaboration. Unity Teams offers a free trial version of 90 days to check if it works for you.

7Less Costly

Despite not being an open-source engine, Unity3D’s cost is relatively less as compared to its competitors. A lot many things depend on the cost of game development, but if you use Unity3D, cost-related issues will always get sidelined.

8Time to wrap up

With all said and done, here are some of the vital advantages of using the Unity 3D Game Development Engine. Unity3D developers have out of the box ideas to implement the ideas of some of the highly engrossing and exciting games. If you haven’t yet adopted Unity3D, it’s high time to do it now.
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