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Acquia declares that it has attained CDP (customer data platform) startup AgilOne recently. The organizations didn’t reveal the buy price. CDPs are all the fury among consumer experience vendors since they offer a means to draw data from a selection of channels to construct a total depiction of the buyer. The objective here is to transport valuable content to the user based on what you discern regarding them. Having a stage like this, to sketch upon makes it extra probable that you will strike the goal more precisely.


Acquia CTO and co-founder, Dries Buytaert informs he has been viewing this room for the previous year and wished to add this part to the Acquia tool chest. “Adding a CDP like AgilOne to our existing platform will help our customers unify their data across various tools in their technology stack to drive better, more personal customer experiences,” he said.

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Notably, he said, he liked AgilOne since it utilized an intelligence coat while developing the customer record. “What sets AgilOne apart from other CDPs are its machine learning capabilities, which intelligently segment customers and predict customer behaviors (such as when a customer is likely to purchase something). This allows for the creation and optimization of the next-best-action models to optimize offers and messages to customers on a 1:1 basis.”

Similar to most of the startup founders, Omer Artun, the CEO of AgilOne, views this as the chance to develop his organization, perhaps quicker than he might have his own. He wrote in a blog post declaring acquisition, “Since AgilOne’s inception, our vision has been to give marketers the direct power to understand who their customers are and engage with them in a genuine way in order to boost profitability and create the omnichannel experiences that customers crave. Through this acquisition, Acquia will enable us to continue to deliver, and build upon, this vision.”

The founder & principal analyst at the Real Story Group, Tony Byrne, has been analyzing the marketing mechanization room for some time and burgeoning CDP marketplace. He observes this shift as suitable for Acquia but speculates how it is going to fit with further parts in the Acquia stack. Byrne told TechCrunch, “This, in theory, allows them to support the unification of customer data across their suite.”

However, he cautions that the corporation could resist incorporating AgilOne into its podium. “The Marketing Automation platform they purchased targets mostly B2B. AgilOne is dialed in on B2C use cases and a fairly narrow set of vertical segments. It will take a lot of work to make it into a CDP that could adequately serve Acquia’s diverse customer base,” he said.

Vista Equity Partners attained Acquia for around $1 billion in September. It tends to support its organizations to be greedier than they may have been on their own. Buytaert said, “Vista has been supportive of our M&A strategy and believes strongly in AgilOne as a part of Acquia’s vision to redefine the customer experience stack,”

The organization raised more than $41 million, as per the PitchBook data. Sponsors included Mayfield Fund, Tenaya Capital, and Sequoia Capital. It had a post-assessment of just over $115M and was pegged as a probable acquisition goal by Pitchbook.



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