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In the present era of digital technology, the world of computer websites and applications has become so dependent on Java. Because of this reason, most of the websites and applications need Java installed on their devices so that they can function in a perfect way. From cell phones to gigantic high-tech supercomputers, Java is the most popular choice of everyone and currently operating on over 7 billion devices and used by 9 million developers across the world.

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As the new technologies are emerging in present mobile app development, Java development has also embarked on its journey to the new heights. As the development in software proceeds, job opportunities are also increasing and changing the shape of world IT sector. Over the past two decades, Java has taken the journey from the 25th place to the topmost position in computer programming languages. Java is gaining popularity because it’s operated applications and websites are vastly scalable as well as capable of processing more amounts of data.

Let’s have a look at the emerging technologies –

  • Blockchain Technology

If we compare Blockchain technology with other traditional database technologies then its implementations are really cheap and require considerably less IT investment. There are various organizations who are already exploring the possibilities of Blockchain. There is no doubt in saying that there are enormous possibilities of this technology and it seems that almost any industry that deals with any kind of transaction will be disrupted by Blockchain.


  1. There is a full transparency in the network that makes it one of the most likable technologies from the different technologies that are available in the market.
  2. This technology provides robust security as the information is stored in the blocks.
  3. Blockchain network is inexpensive and hence there is no need to invest money in constructing office or huge commission for financial services.
  4. Blockchain technology is very useful in preventing online scams. This is because if a transaction occurs between two parties it needs the digital signature from both parties that prevent any kind of fraud.
  • Node JS

Node.JS is an open-source cross-platform whose runtime environment is written in Javascript that makes it an exceptional choice for building real-time applications. This technology is packed up with features that have helped it become a top choice for dedicated developers.


  1. Node.JS uses Google’s v8 engine and because of this it’s runtime is really fast. It can also increase any framework’s speed and that makes the running of coding much faster than others.
  2. Node.JS merges the front-end and back-end into a single entity that makes it really efficient.
  3. Fast data streaming is one of the most powerful applications of node.js as the majority of data comes into the systems in form of streams.
  4. Node.JS uses an event-driven architecture which means that every call and operation is a chain of asynchronous callbacks and thus Node.js can run on the single thread.
  • ReactJS

ReactJS is an open source JavaScript library that is specially designed for creating rich and engaging web apps that require minimal coding. ReactJS main objective is to provide the best rendering performance. Besides this, ReactJS allows a developer to break down complex UI into simpler components.


  1. ReactJS uses JSX that is very helpful in promoting construction of machine-readable codes and compounding components into a single-time verifiable file.
  2. React JS is getting popular because of its simplicity and flexibility.
  3. With the ReactJS framework, we can build apps for both Android as well as iOS in the respective native platform.
  4. React framework accepts contributions in coding and suggestions from developers across the globe that makes it more prone to improvement via updates.
  • Java EE8

Java EE 8 comes with various latest features like Servlet 4.0 with the support of HTTP/2, improved JSON processing, improved CDI and RESTFUL web services, new JSF version, new Java EE Security API. In the present times, there exists majority of back-end developers as well as Android app developers who are switching to spring to stay in this competitive market.


  1. Java EE8 includes a significant amount of changes that are quite helpful for server-side Java Developers.
  2. Java EE 8 is feature-complete release, especially for those applications that don’t need fine-grained microservices features.
  3. The goal of Java EE8 is to make simple security needs that are important for authentication and authorization.
  4. Java EE 8 is specifically centered on accommodations to configure services and on health-checking to manage services. All this promotes deployment of smaller units of services for building large-scale, event-based systems.
  • Big Data

Big data means a lot of raw data is collected, stored and analyzed through various means which can be utilized by organizations to increase their efficiency and make better decisions. The concept of Big Data is not new and various approaches are used by the company to serve their customers. Overall, Big Data is a combination of high-volume, high-velocity, and high-variety. The importance of big data does not revolve around how much data company has but how a company utilizes the collected data. It is quite obvious that every company uses data in its own way; the more efficiently a company uses its data, the more potential it has to grow.


  1. There are various tools of big data like Hadoop and Cloud-Based Analytics that can bring cost advantages to business as these tools help in identifying more efficient ways of doing business.
  2. Big data help in identifying new sources of data that help business to make decisions based on the learnings.
  3. IT is quite easy to know customer needs and satisfaction through analytics as you can easily create products according to customers’ needs.
  4. Big data tools can do sentiment analysis so you can easily get the feedback who is saying what about your company. Through this way, you can monitor and improve the online presence of your business as well as iOS app development services.


In the software industry, various languages are trending and are the priority of java developers. All these emerging trends are giving a tough competition to various software development companies.

Vinay Kumar

Vinay Kumar is the brilliant mind behind the technology at Fluper, serving as the Chief Technology Officer. With a wealth of experience in software development and a passion for leveraging the latest technologies, Vinay drives the technical vision of Fluper's projects. His expertise in creating scalable and robust solutions ensures Fluper delivers best-in-class products exceeding client expectations.

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