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As far as ASO is concerned, there are two types of people: one who will acknowledge not to have a hint what that is, and other will narrate that it’s somewhat similar to SEO, only for App stores. Although the latter is true but partially. This is a simplified way of something to explain the concept which is really unfamiliar with. But the real story is something really complicated and intensified.
While transitioning our focus on the current situation, mobile apps are a growing phenomenon and invading big as well as small businesses and are opting on a large scale to their strength of the digital marketing to the next level with the ultimate motive to expand the consumer base. Whilst the demand for on-the-go accessibility is increasing, the same increase is supported by the number of apps in order to meet the demand. Now here, it activates the role of App Store Optimisation which is the process of optimizing mobile apps in order to rank higher in an app store’s search. This process is the ultimate solution to get more visibility, traffic, and thus ends to more download.  
What has really intensified the role of App Store optimization? Maybe the past five years, a transition witnessed from desktop to mobile-first world as far as advertising industry is concerned. According to Supreme Media, two-third of digital time is spent on mobile and more than 80% of the time is spent in mobile apps, whilst this data is supportive enough to justify the work of mobile app development companies. All in our last blog, we have discussed key factors to list your app on top with App Store Optimisation.
Strategies to nail down App Store Optimisation in an effective manner:


Although there is a huge invasion of push notifications and ads for natives, interstitial, search and rewarded video apps but one crucial although often forgotten app strategy is App Store Optimisation.
While discussing ASO, the title plays a vital role. It plays the similar role in communicating the target niche and propagating the basic idea just at a glance. It is considered to be the most important Metadata for customers. Although it does not look for any explanation that titles are considered to be the initial point of contact, the audience what it does effectively is to increase the probability of the visitors landing on the website. In 2017, few algorithms have already nailed by mobile app developers.

iconBetter Adapt

Many ASOs have decided to switch their titles to better adapt to the higher ranking searches. As per the previous routine where different variations of titles are tried with different keywords followed by reiterations. Hence for enhancing your rank, it can backfire instead.  

iconChanging of outlook

Although in case you are very much influenced by adaptability, then there is a myth which can easily be observed as far as perceptibility of app marketer is concerned i.e. repeated changing of titles garner high-ranking niche specific apps. With the app gaining momentum, innumerable clones are likely to appear and ends up hijacking the app energy.
Hence frequent changing of titles will more likely affect the words in order to communicate or referring to the app. This is to be kept in the mind that these exact words will be pasted into the app store search and you are more likely be reducing the probability to get you found amongst the flock of apps.

iconStick with creativity

It is expected that app store researchers will find their app either categorically or navigationally.
A navigational user is more likely to search your app by particular keywords. For instance Stick Hero that can be remembered easily
As far as categorical searches are concerned, they will be searching on the basis of category as well as related keywords.



While differentiating with SEO, this part is something similar to SEO. By employing particularly designated tools such as App Annie and Sensor Tower, your page must comprise sought after term yet relevant in order to lead the potential users to establish the right balance between difficulty and different levels of traffic. Hence it looks for a comprehensive research and proper identification of top keywords you are really looking to stand. As per the study conducted by mobildevHQ, app titles that contain keywords ranks 10.3% higher rather than those without it. So, look to stuff keyword in the title, then it ought not to appear in the keyword field.
It must be given some consideration that most of the organic traffic to the page has resulted from the result of a mere Appstore search, so dedicate it all you have got yet.


App Description

In order to generate the best result by employing Apple and Google’s algorithm, keyword research plays a significant role, but who is the ultimate recipient of this research? Obviously human, since they will be reading your app description and decide on the basis of it, whether to install it or not. In 2017, there are few strategies which are expected to be followed by app marketer:  

iconIt is anticipated to dedicate persuasive description in order to convince the users to download the app. The app will be delineated clearly, the way app would be utilized and adding up to bulleted list of key features as well as benefits it will cater.

iconNo more unnecessary stuffing of keywords in order to end up with the baffling description which is although considered to be a terrible approach as far as ASO is concerned.



Although this is very unfortunate that many apps are considered as a mere features list. Screenshots bear the same importance, or even more as they would definitely understand it at a glance. Here are few strategies which are expected to invade as far as screenshots are concerned.

iconApp marketers definitely understand the importance of screenshots and is expected to take some initiatives to beautify it further. They understand that if they do not dedicate to make screenshots beautiful then the user won’t be bothered to download.

iconMore intuitive designs are expected as far as the tablet is concerned. More resources are committed in favor of tablet size screenshots.

iconMore work will be done on the portrait orientation for the screenshots, although this is considered to be default orientation of the mobile device.  

iconSince screenshots are treated as advertising platforms, hence start-ups that are still working to make their brand grand must pay extra attention to leverage this opportunity.

iconScreenshots must be designed in a way which will be unpredictable for the users as well as capable enough to narrate the entire story.


Asset Strategy

Asset Strategy
Asset Strategy optimization can enhance the asset reliability as well as availability, balancing equipment risk profiles by reducing the maintenance costs. With the help of ASO, best approach can be determined by performing inspection, maintenance or redesign activities. These are as effective as balancing costs and risks. App’s homepage can be considered as the app store assets. These are considered to be as vital to help the potential users whether to download the app or not. Hence in order to improve the click through rate as well as install rate, App store elements must be optimized regularly.  As far as the primary visuals are concerned then screenshots and app icon come into the picture. Video assets are equivalently important for games as well. The app Store has graphics for featured apps, unlike the Play Store which has a feature graphic even at the top of the app page.
In order to effectively perform A/B tests and optimization of tests, Google Play Experiments can be used. Here it comes into the picture of localizing assets in order to unlock the international growth and to the extent the product into the international markets.
Fluper takes an advisory approach and prepares the bespoke plan for each client’s app in order to derive the best outcome with the ultimate motive to help our clients to get the optimal ROI and ensure that their objectives are met.



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