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The launch of voice assistants, Echo and Home has emerged as a big competition for users to choose. Some of the features can boost the devices by intensifying various functionalities like mobile apps dedicated for personal use, the inclusion of motion sensors, etc.

5 features that could really strengthen these voice assistance to capture a bigger market are listed below.

Motion sensors

There is always a scope for improvement in any device available and so the inclusion of motion sensors would perfectly go with the flow. There are situations wherein you require making use of gestures, for instance, in morning alarms or stopping the music, while eating something etc. although voice assistance has made its utility at maximum as it could, just the addition of motion sensors would enhance its features and utilization.

Improved privacy

Whatever you speak is hear and recorded by these devices. There should be some privacy protection policies to solve this problem. We are not aware how Google and Amazon handle the recorded data and some irrelevant commands mistakenly given to the device or heard by the device may cause it to take wrong actions, which could, in turn, leads to problematic results.

Therefore, the device needs to have some sensor just to take commands when told to! Thus, maintaining the privacy of personal data, which should not be misused. It would be a wise option for these big firms to take precautions on this concern for meeting the user’s expectations, especially after Facebook’s data leak blunder.

An app handy for daily use

We know that the two giant firms have worked hard to make voice assistance accomplish each task efficiently. However, Alexa and Home can’t be used yet as professional assistance. They still need some improvisations in their usability. There should be a dedicated mobile application to carry out the home assistance smartly. Moreover, they can also provide desktop functionality to their users for a complex task where mobile application services would not work.

The smart speakers, however, need to integrate in order to a companion that could help in setup and backup, thus assuring the maintainability. These speakers work perfectly fine when you are listening to Spotify or for controlling the hue lights. It easily browses through music and tracks to select the demanded one.

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Mesh networking

The places these speakers acquire are major for the use of networking devices like routers. If Wi-Fi routers placement could take place in these speakers itself, fast and reliable broadcasts will be possible by a single access point. When mesh networking would be included in these devices, it would increase the demand for a product to an extent that it looks impressive to the public and gives a win-win situation.

It is not necessary for Google and Amazon to launch it with a built-in feature, but this technology can be added to speaker’s wall by other networking export companies. This would give a logical front to the speakers, thus encouraging users to improve their Wi-Fi locations.

Improved accessibility features

For echo devices to stand out from the competitors, it should be reachable and usable to the special people too. People having speech impairments will face difficulty in using this device.

However, they may be able to hear well but Google Home and Amazon Alexa may not recognize the voice correctly. For such people to be able to make use of this functionality, texting feature should be available, wherein the users can text queries if the device is not able to understand it. The queries response will be given verbally and the users can listen to it. This would make arise of this product in the new market of users.

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All of these simple features listed above may give a small change to the device but they may result in bigger solutions to the world. Mixing of technology has always given a huge impact on the marketing of products, especially when no mobile application development company could point out any limitation the product can possess. People are craving for up gradation and innovations; therefore, application development companies are building confidence with users and bringing such innovative facts and ideas that could be simply added to these branded materials to escalate its usage.


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