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Mobile applications are taking over websites: the number of mobile users and time spent on mobile applications is seeing constant growth from the past few years. Providing flawless, yet alluring experience on mobile phones is now more imperative than ever, and it gives a true cutthroat benefit to businesses that get it in the right manner. A great mobile app can help your business to accomplish in numerous ways. It can:

iconIncrease your revenue

iconImproving sales

iconSet up a new revenue stream

iconBuild up engagement

iconImprove communication

iconIncrease your brand awareness

iconEnhance your mobile marketing strategy

However, creating a mobile app can be a nerve-racking experience. You may be unhappy with high development costs, complex project management, technical teams, and other risks.

Here in this write up you will get steps for Mobile App development that will make your business app development process much easier than before. The steps mentioned helping you to build unique mobile apps. Take the best from this blog what suits your strategy best.

Have a Look:

10 Steps to Create a Mobile App for a Start-up in 2019

Define Your Goal

Having a unique idea is the first point that you need to consider every new project. Before you go directly into the detailing part, it is important to clearly define the purpose and mission of your application. Defining a clear goal is important to help you get results faster.

According to the latest reports, there are approximately more than 4 million apps available on Apple’s app store and Google Play store combined. Coming up with a fresh idea for your mobile app startup is a huge challenge. So keep in mind that the app that you develop doesn’t need to be exclusive. The massive amount of apps available at the app store leaves out the possibility of an idea that is unique. What you need to make sure is that the idea that you are going to create for your startup has a scope in the marketplace and can work out well in its function.

Start Sketching

It is good to draw sketches on a page as you are laying the basis for your future interface. In this step, you can visually point out the main features and the estimated layout and structure of your startup application. Having a rough sketch of your business app helps everyone on your team to understand the mission in n efficient manner. These rough sketches should be used by developers later as a reference for the next stage of the project.

Research market and competitors

While you are thinking that you have a unique idea, you may get your trust crushed very quickly as there are more millions of apps and building something that has not been developed before is nearly next to impossible. However, you must not get disappointed by those who may play in the same field. You must focus on your plan and your user attainment. Learn from the mistakes of your competitors, and also learn from them. In case you have connections in the industry, then get an expert estimation on your app idea right from the start. This step will automatically spark new ideas to Create Mobile App for a Start-up in the market. Keep the suggestions from others in mind related to features, app layout and functionalities and take notes of anything that stands out to you or something that you are avoiding.

Wireframe Your App

Till now, you have decided the objective of your app and mapped out its features, including your marketplace and competitor research insight. Now it is the time to give your mobile app its first skeleton with wireframing. Wireframing is a visual point that will stand for your app’s layout and the flow between the screen without the interruption of visual design and graphic elements. It is the connection that connects your app thoughts and a final product before any of the technical processes begins.

Define the Back End of Your App

It is time to use your wireframes and storyboard to outline your servers, APIs, and data diagrams. This will be a useful suggestion for the Mobile App developer in Qatar. Modify your wireframes and check technical limitations, if there are any. In spite of what method you select to use to develop your startup business app, clear sketches must be created as they will serve as the instructions for everyone working on your mobile app project.

Platform choice

A few years back the businesses had to choose between different operating systems Blackberry, Windows Phone, Symbian, iOS, and Android. But now things are much easier and you only have to decide between the last two. In some way, the first three mentioned couldn’t gain much popularity during the past few years and thus more people are choosing Android and iOS for their business needs. Well, there is a great difference between these two app stores. If we check the statistics the number is quite understandable. In 2016 Google Play store was a leader in annual downloads with 63 billion downloads.

Development Company

Now it is the right time to choose a Mobile App Development Company in Qatar. After choosing the category and platform of the app you can look for trustworthy partners to work with. This stage is more difficult than the other steps mentioned above. It is about team building. Depending on your app goal you’ll need a group of experts from copywriters, designers, developers or even graphic designers. The key thing here is to find a group of people for long-lasting collaboration. Also don’t forget that your app needs to be unique and will require more expenses for updating, bug fixing or maintenance. So connecting with a mobile app development company for the long term is preferable at this point.


Counting the cost of mobile app development before launching an app is just half of the course. Very significant is to know how to bring those investment dollars back and here we get to the app monetization. First of all, you need to think about what kind of application you want to make: paid or free. Still, keep in mind that most paid applications work better on the iOS platform. Nowadays users have access to thousands of free apps so you must put forward something valuable.

App marketing

After your Mobile App for a Start-up is ready don’t forget about the advertisement part. After development your app needs promotion. We’ve already mentioned above that there is harsh competition in the marketplace. To stand ahead you must invest some costs into the advertising and promotion part. Start your app marketing with social media. This all requires a lot of funds and you can even make a separate business marketing plan for the app or hire a team of specialists to help you with this part.

Test and launch your app

Once the development part is done, your app is ready for testing. It is important to make sure that there are no bugs you’ve created and tested your app wireframes. With custom development of an app, there may be around ten rounds of testing to check every function of the app efficiently. The main goal of testing is to discover bugs or issues, your app needs to work flawlessly the way you planned.  After this, you’ve reached your ultimate mission it is the time to let the world know about your new mobile app. Submit your app to your chosen app store and ensure you follow all the guidelines to make the most out of your app.

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As you see there are several things that you must keep in mind for maintaining your business app. At the same time, there are plenty of mobile app development companies who would like to work on the apps. Find that people, collaborate and together you’ll achieve success.

If you are looking forward to making an app for your startup business, and looking for a suitable partner then you can connect with Fluper. We, being an mobile app development company, help you out in the best possible manner. So, what are you waiting for? Connect with us today and discuss your plan with us.

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