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Mobile apps have been introduced to every sector that we know of and have become a convenient way to do things which may not necessarily require an app but people still prefer to use an app for comfort. Though the mobile app development has changed the way we solve the problems on daily basis in health and transport sector it has also made people interact less and created an unhealthy environment during gatherings. A balance between the phone and real life is very necessary to extract the best from the mobile phone technology and provide iOS app developers an intellectual users to communicate efficiently with the apps that can do a lot.

Let us check out the best iOS app trending in Canada


 app development

This app is a great help for the Youtubers to manage their social media content and also for the not so famous individuals. Search, Managment, and reports can be easily managed through this app and all the following things can be done too

iconScheduling social posts on this app is time-saving

iconTrack your social media campaigns on through this app

iconConvert the content in over 50 languages



hire app developers

Sweatin converts the steps into currency, Yes you heard it right every step you take is converted into cash which you can use later to purchase things and services. Sweatcoin rewards its users to pay for the no. Of steps it takes. Highlights of the app

iconSteps converted into sweatcoins

iconReward money can be used in the partnered stores

iconShare your money with family and friends.



mobile app

Robolox is called the imagination platform created for both iOS and Android platform which is user generated the area of games is not restricted to what an iOS app development has created. Some of its features are

iconMultiple players online to play along

iconConversation window with friends online

iconFree to play with in-app purchases.


Spotify music

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It is not just trending in Canada but everywhere in the west due to its vast library of music with every track, artist, and album listed on the cloud.Music lovers can just listen to whatever they want on any of their devices and some of its unique features are

iconCompatible with all types of devices mobile, tab or desktop

iconAd-free music experience

iconListen to the music offline as well


Microsoft outlook app

ios app development company

This is a must-have app for all the working professional to schedule their meetings and go through the emails in one go not just at the desktop in their office but also when on a run on their mobile phones. Outlook is out there for long but Let us see what its app has to offer us

iconView the files on the cloud without wasting the memory of your iPhone

iconSearch for the mails for a particular date and from a particular sender

iconSchedule your meetings with an inbuilt organizer and share with other members



 app development

iMovie lets you explore your video skills and also see what other people are shooting with an enriched library of videos of all categories. Some of its features that make it different from other online streaming apps are

iconYou can share and browse the videos you wish to post and find

iconIt has got filters to edit your video and give it a Hollywood like a teaser look.

iconSharing your creation with family and friends.


TD Canada

mobile app development

TD bank group has launched this banking app for its users with the help of iPhone app developers to have a queue-free access to their bank account details and transactions vis an app on their iPhone. Some other advantages over just viewing your account on your mobile phone are

iconSend, request and receive money with e-transfer

iconInvest your money in the market by monitoring every single detail from the stocks to anything.

iconLocate your bank near you on turning on the geo-location option using this app.



 development company

Tinder is a social app to communicate with new people and have a good time, may find the love of your life. Canadian iPhone users have been trending up on tinder in 2018 because of its distinct features.

iconSwipe right to like and left to dislike with having an awkward talk

iconThe premium feature enables you to rewind an give a second chance to someone you left swiped earlier

iconUpgrade to gold treatment where you can analyze how is your profile doing and same for the one you swiped right.


Waze Navigation and Live traffic


This app keeps you updated with the on-road situations to avoid a delayed visit, late check-ins and hustling morning to work. Its other features are like

iconAlerts about traffic, dangerous happening on the road and police

iconRe-routing to avoid the traffic-prone way to your destination

iconEstimate the time of arrival at a particular place.


Kijiji Ads: Shop local and save

ios app development

Kijiji is Canadas number one classified apps where you can sell and buy anything right from the electronics, real-estate property to cars. An easy way of making reuse of the market products by dealing with the seller itself. Some of the features that make it number one are:

iconIt lets you sell and buy locally with a location-enabled feature

iconYou can post and share your listings on other platforms as well

iconSmart filters to narrow your search with the products you want to buy or sell


Along with the problem-solving apps, the creativity in entertainment apps has also been highlighted and apps have become the easiest way to reach out to maximum for a healthy discussion, solution or information which has made the mobile industry a rapidly growing sector in the entire world. Fluper is the part of mobile app development community and believes in doing justice to technology by providing right kind of technology to an appropriate user.


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