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Fluper Introduces Post-Pandemic Health and Safety Measures

After months of working remotely, employees of Fluper returned to the office and recommenced the traditional way of working. The company is, however, following the hybrid model of workplace and remote work. While several of its employees, especially locals have resumed work from office, those staying in other cities are working remotely.

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The leaders at Fluper have introduced a whole new system to bring teams together and strengthen the goals of the organization. They are working conscientiously to keep the employees balanced and communication opened. Conscious steps are being taken to encourage team culture as teamwork is essential for a company to function. The company prioritizes each of its employees; hence, all precautionary measures are being followed to keep them safe. But most importantly, it is trying to make all its employees feel protected. The company right from the beginning has been very clear about its approach. No wonder the office premises were closed and work from home culture was adopted even before the government’s announcement last year.

Fluper introduces post-pandemic health and safety measures

Talking about the current scenario, the company is taking all major steps to create a safe environment. Sanitization has become a regular practice. Just like sweeping or mopping, it has now become a part of the office culture. The company doesn’t want to leave any stone unturned to keep the workplace safe from the deadly virus. The employees are now getting much more privacy.

The company has also encouraged regular self-health checkups for the employees. Those feeling any symptom of coronavirus have been asked to work from home as any carelessness can lead to major problems for all the employees. Hence, the professionals have been asked to keep a check on their health regularly. Besides, face masks have been made compulsory for everyone coming to the office. In order to take extra precautions, every employee entering the premises is being screened and given sanitizer on the main gate. Fluper values its employees and believes in making them feel secure at work as it’ll allow them to be more positive and productive. Communal spaces and social distancing has been normalized wherever possible. Plus, carrying a sanitiser has also been made compulsory.

The coronavirus pandemic taught everyone how to work remotely without being physically present in the office. All these months of working virtually, connecting on Skype or Zoom, somehow kept people aloof from the real world as there was no face-to-face interaction. Several companies resumed the office work a few months after the lockdown was lifted completely. Fluper, however, took time and waited for the coronavirus vaccine to be developed before resuming office work.

Fluper understands that its employees belong to different regions, communities and states but at the end of the day all of them want to experience the office culture. They all want to rebuild and restore the culture of working together. For those employees who are still working remotely, the company has done its best to keep them connected on platforms like Skype, where they discuss not just work-related problems but other issues too. The telecommunications application helps the team members by providing chats, video and voice calls across devices, including mobile phones, computers and tablets.

About Fluper: Fluper is one of the world’s leading mobile application development and web designing & development companies. With a successful delivery of over 500 applications in countries like USA, UAE, UK and India, the NASSCOM accredited & ISO 9001: 2013 certified company has been felicitated with multiple awards. Founded by Anshul Sharma, Fluper is dedicated to providing out-of-the-box designs and results above expectations. Fluper has reached milestones and its success has been recognized on national as well as international grounds.

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