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The success of any organization in the current climate relies on its capacity to adapt to rapidly moving market conditions. Our quick transition from an app development company to a global brand of Product Innovation is a great example of our ability to transform and adapt to the dynamics of the digital world. This journey of transformation was not an easy task for Fluper. Since its inception in 2013 with a handful of people, Fluper is continuously growing in the field of technology by developing world-class web and software solutions for businesses. The long struggle and inevitable endeavour of the Fluper Family from 2013, finally, give shape to a million-dollar idea of improving global business with the help of mobile app development service in 2019 when a significant success of Fluper came to the surface. Our innovative and dedicated team of developers completed some big projects in the US, UK and UAE with incredible app development services. Now, we are known as the world’s most trustable Mobile App Development Company.

After a huge struggle, the first time we celebrate our success was in 2017 as Aarambh.

What is Aarambh?

Aarambh is an annual celebration of Fluper. It is celebrated to honour our success after the huge hard work throughout the year. It is an effort to unite the bold souls and success-building pillars behind us. Every year we hosted Aarambh with our brilliant staff and guests.

We have worked arduously, fought against all odds, and overcame difficulties because we are zealous in our hearts. We are striving for perfection in all areas. A chapter comes to an end and a new one starts. As we begin a new chapter for us, as a group, enjoy and remember this fantastic journey. Considering this theme, the events of Aarambh are organized by the Fluid performers. This celebration takes place just before Diwali.

Beginning of Aarambh:


For the first time, it was hosted at the Pearl grand banquet in 2019 with a small number of Fluid staff. But, the celebration was performed in the grandest way that a small size company can do.

Aarambh: Celebration of Dwitya:

For us, Aarambh Dwitiya was very significant since we were able to find new employment there within a year. Our family increased from 20 employees to over 200. We celebrated Aarambh on a theme of Super Hero as our staff worked like Superheroes to achieve some great success within a short period.

The second episode of Aarambh introduced the idea of doing interesting activities and games for ten straight days before the major event. The purpose of these activities was to encourage team spirit. The winning team was awarded a grand award at the final event.

Third Episode of Aarmbh- Tritya:


Aarambh Tritya was very special as 2019 was the greatest year for us so far. We grew in size as well as established a solid marketing foundation. Apart from App Development Services, we also started to provide top-notch marketing services worldwide. Just like Aarambh Dwitiya, we planned games before the major event. But, this time the main highlight was the dance performance for every team.

We selected Stardom Convention as the location for the event. On that day, those who had sacrificed everything for this family received awards, diplomas, and medals. Compared to the two before celebrations, Aarambh Tritiya was perhaps the largest one we have ever had.

Aarambh 4: Motivation in Lockdown


We encountered several difficulties due to the declining trend in businesses caused by the Pandemic effect. We always try to transform obstacles into opportunities. This effort helped us to convince the business owners that the global lockdown was the perfect time to expand their business on the digital platform. In this way, we keep up our success even in the critical period of lockdown. That time Aarambh 4 festivities held a unique significance for all of us as we took tremendous satisfaction in and boosted energy from our never-give-up mentality.

We will always celebrate the wonderful times we had together on these occasions and express our sincere gratitude for having contributed to our success story.

Aarambh-5: The Fifth anniversary:


After overcoming the lockdown effect in 2021 Aarambh’s 5th anniversary was celebrated in a great way. The most wonderful aspect was the energy level, which increased everyone’s excitement and enthusiasm despite the difficult 18 months of pandemic-related skill reconfiguration.

After some outstanding singing performances, the spectacular celebration of Aarambh’s fifth anniversary continued with some entertaining games and dance acts. It was quite amazing to see the employees’ zeal and passion. For the first time, even the venue would have seen such energy and excitement. Because of our unwavering attitude and dedication to our job, we are proud to be the finest in our field.

Celebration of Aarambh’s 6th Anniversary:

Company, Most Trustable App Development Company and many more. So, the excitement of Aarambh 6 reached the top. Some exclusive events were added to the programme to bring extra flavour to the achievements.

The annual programme was held at our office premises on 21st October of this year. The entire premises was so elegantly adorned that it perfectly captured our excitement for this wonderful event. We began the celebration by doing a conventional office pooja and praying for everyone’s health and well-being.

This time, we celebrated this festival in ethnic dresses. Every Fluid team performed something in this event like singing, dancing and playing drama. Performing Drama is one of the exclusive events in this Aarambh that has not been performed ever. Another incredible event is organizing a Concert with DJ. Everyone enjoyed it tremendously.

Apart from the cultural event, the award ceremony also happened. Fluid Leader, Fluid Team, Fluid Star, Fluid Avenger, Fluid Devoter, Loyalty Award, and Fluid Elimanic award was given to our staff based on their overall performances. Before the programme, the 10 days game events were also organized in the office like in other years. The winners of the events are also awarded.

To motivate the employees, the management rewarded everyone with a nice gift. The arrangement of awesome mouthwatering food was also one of the great attractions of the celebration.

It was overall a fun-filled celebration where emotions linked with ambitions. The event’s effects have been seen clearly in the sparkling eyes of our employees, who are now prepared to take on any challenge in the days to come.

Final words:

Aarambh is not only an annual celebration of Fluper, but it also reminds our employees about their hidden talent. So that they can pursue that gifted virtue besides the workload. It’ll help them to release stress even in times of challenge. The extraordinary performances of our workaholic Fluid staff prove their brilliance in every field of life.

We have always made sure to commemorate our yearly day most exceptionally by taking little, steady steps in that direction. Without the dedication of its hard-working staff, Fluper would not have been able to build such an empire. Hence, Aarambh is our little effort to encourage our family members in their work and remind them the enjoy the work in their own way.

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