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Mega video-sharing platform, YouTube is soon going to roll out features to extend support to diverse communities by warning viewers to either delete or edit a hurtful comment prior to posting the same on a YouTube video. The new features added on this video-sharing platform aims at encouraging respectful user interactions.

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Users will now be warned when they are about to post an offensive comment on a YouTube video and will be suggested to edit or delete the same as per the video-streaming platform’s community guidelines. YouTube Studio too will have a new filter that will automatically scrutinize and review disrespectful comments and will give the channel owners the option to hide the visibility of such comments from their notice.

Android users can expect the roll out of these dynamic features on their YouTube application anytime soon. Users will be warned for their hurtful comments via a pop-up notification and if they are still adamant on posting the same then they can readily ignore the notification and go ahead with the comment. If in any case, users find that they are wrongly warned, they can report the same on the platform via the pop-up notification. Checkout the best Mobile App Development Company.

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For identifying the current gaps, YouTube will make it mandatory for the content creators to add relevant personal information such as gender, race, ethnicity, and sexual orientation starting 2021. This move will make it easier for the platform to understand how content coming from different communities is positively/adversely impacted in its systems. YouTube said that it would possibly look into different patterns of harassment, hate and discrimination that have the tendency to negatively impact some communities.

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YouTube has recently launched 3 brilliant and exclusive new filters for promoting artists and content creators from across the globe in delivering a more interactive experience on its platform. Trailers and Live Redirect filters are currently launched on this Google-owned video streaming platform while Countdown Themes will be soon launched in the next few months.


YouTube is soon going to enhance its platform’s interactive experience by making it more positive and respectful for supporting diverse communities. Commenters will now receive a pop-up notification prior to leaving a hurtful comment on a creator’s media content. Commenters can either edit/delete such negative comments or ignore the notification and go ahead with the comment that they are willing to post.


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