In this contemporary world, if you are a tech lover then presumably you might be aware of the technical happenings. The way smartphones and even tablets are turning bigger, thinner, lighter and faster, the credit goes to the happenings in the world of mobile software. If     comparing 2017 with 2010, then mobile has been an approximate alternative for laptop as well as desktop. All the tasks can be accomplished from ordering of food, meeting with new people to all other things which could hardly be imagined seven years back.

Even key players (Apple and Google) are dominated by the new players. As far as uniformity of Apple is concerned Apple was considered to be a giant but now they are even seen to launch different shapes and sizes of devices. There has been witnessed increase in the growth of the app developers, similarly it looks for the app development platform as well as tools. The combination of aspiring mobile app developers and tools, apps are needed to be reached to the widest of the location via cross-platform app irrespective of the device or income type. It has really become one of the most powerful tool that can be quite flexible as well as native feeling that are quite reusable with the native user experience without any requirement of the native app code.

But how can you judge the best cross-platform framework? Basically it relies on the pros and cons of the cross-platform framework and also strength of its integration with the budget timing and the foremost thing is your ultimate goal from your app.

Proper delineation of Cross-platform app

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Cross-platform mobile development is the building of apps that are compatible enough to run on the multiple mobile operating system. As far as complications are concerned, the complications of developing a mobile apps were further intensified by the difficulty of building at the backend that work efficiently all across the multiple platforms. It was considered to be quite lengthy and expensive process. Although native applications are considered to be quite simplified for each mobile operating system. But now it is quite easier for the programmers in order to develop cross-platform apps which have started following newer approaches

  • Hybrid mobile application development
  • Rapid mobile app development
  • Windows Universal apps

Various Cross-platform mobile app development companies are trying to streamline with the development by following the aforesaid approaches.


How appropriate Xamarin is considered to be the ultimate destination of the cross-platform mobile app development. The Xamarin platform consists of all the essential number of elements in order to develop applications for Android and iOS. The main characteristics are:

  • C# Language: It enables to use a familiar syntax and all the features which are quite sophisticated like Linq, Generics and even the Parallel Task library
  • Net framework: it provides a cross-platform implementation in order to provide extensive features in Microsoft.NET framework
  • Optimisation of mobile deployment through Compiler

 Why Xamarin is used by a number of companies?

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  • Speeding up the engineering cycle

Since Xamarin is known to use C# complemented with the framework of .Net in order to create apps in any of the mobile platform. This can speed up the engineering cycle by reusing the source code upto 96 percent. The most beneficial part is that Xamarin does not look for switching between the development environments as it is compatible enough with Visual Studio(for Windows) or Xamarin IDE(for Mac). After the company’s acquisition by Microsoft Xamarin Visual integration is improved day by day.

  • Flawless user experience

By using platform-specific UI elements, Xamarin enables to create the most flawless experience. All those simple cross-platform apps for Android, iOS or Windows are now crafted with Xamarin .Form tool which can easily convert the UI components into the platform-specific interface element which can considerably increase the speed of application development. Hence it proved to be a boon for the business-oriented projects.

  • Full Hardware synchronisation

With Xamarin, the solution is accessed with the native-level app functionality which is efficient enough to get rid of the compatibility issues related to hardware, by using the particular APIs and plugins in order to work with common devices functionalities across all the platforms. Hence with the hardware synchronisation, it is further supported by the customisation.

What drawback cast upon Xamarin

  • Expensive Xamarin License

As far as business subscription is concerned, it comes with the annual subscription of $999 per developer even per platform which is expressed to be quite pricey strategy in order to develop small app. But if you are still planning to develop cross-mobile application development with the support Xamarin platform, then Xamarin can comes to be an effective solution when comparing the development cost involved with the creation of native apps.

  • Little delayed support to modulate latest updates

This is although completely dependent upon the Xamarin developer team since it is quite infeasible for the third-party tool to provide the immediate support for the latest updates irrespective of iOS or Android releases, but it takes a while to introduce the latest updates or plugins etc.

  • Limited right to enter the open libraries

Although when it comes to the native development, then it is accessed with the extensive utilisation of the open source technologies whereas this is quite contrary in case of Xamarin where it is still accessed with those components which are provided by the platform and also resources from .Net open sources.


On behalf of the team Apache Cordova, this framework is considered to be the open source distribution. It is the simplest cross-platform framework when thinking about Xamarin. The main trick is that it creates mobile application by utilising web apps i.e. it is wrapped by the native app shell and then it looks to implement them on the native stores for the sake of different platform. It does not require to install different SDKs to compile the apps in order to run on several platforms, hence it uses cloud-based service called “Build”.

Hence putting it simply, PhoneGap is a collection of HTML pages which can be interpreted as web view.

Why PhoneGap is largely adopted by a number of companies?

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  • Portability

This has been the robust strategy for PhoneGap mobile application development which ensures portability so just transferring the code, an application built on Android Platform can easily be ported to other mobile platform. Hence cross-platform code can conveniently be running on the mobile platforms like iOS or Android.

  • Open Source

Because of its open source license, community of PhoneGap can easily compile up all the new codes. Within this framework, it has enhanced the user to get the best for free.

  • Two fold benefits

Since it is quite cheap mobile platform framework as compared to the other cross-platform software, hence the mobile app developers gain since they have to spend very less in order to get an app which can perform efficiently on all mobile platform. Analogously the enterprises gain, as the app is ready to hit the market in the minimum time.

What drawback cast upon Xamarin

  • Lower performance of apps

Since the original codes of the app lies with that of a web app and is launched through web browser hence it gives lower performance which concludes the fact that this framework is not close to the native app functionalities.

  • Numerous fragmented libraries

It makes the task quite difficult with numerous fragmented libraries and framework even at the fundamental level.

  • No guarantee of success

Since the emergence is PhoneGap is the transparent presentation on behalf of Apache Cordova which is unfortunately incomplete. Although this is a fact that the strength of the open source and the taking the benefit of talent by covering the entire array of the contribution can be considerably a combination of blessing and curse. Hence if you are looking for PhoneGap plugin, then the probability is quite high that it turned outdated or not supported by the target platform.

 Which Cross-platform framework is more suitable for you?

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By comparing the pros and cons, it is evident that each framework has its own share of features, pros and cons and all these framework are quite essential in order to be visible in the mobile landscape. Hence if you are choosing between Xamarin and PhoneGap then the requirements, scope as well as available resources should be considered for the app development .Each option is suitable as per the develops’ skill i.e. C# developer and will find their existence around Xamarin, and similarly PhoneGap will easily be picked by the front-end skills like HTML5 and JavaScript.

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