Irrespective whether iOS app developers or general folk, everyone is equally excited about Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference or WWDC 2017 which is going to begin tonight and will be extended until June 9 in San Jose, California. Apple’s WWDC keynote is all set to start at 10 am Pacific Standard time, which is around 10.30PM IST. In order to get the access over its glimpse, Apple users have although access to watch the keynotes straight from the devices, which is although a bit arduous in the case of outdated Window OS users. Certainly, Android users are totally disrupted to have a glimpse what cool things are more likely to be released.

wwdc 2017 predictions

What will be the key announcements?

WWDC 2016 brought us verpple’s annual Worldwide Developer Conference will most likely to kick off as far as trademark product keynotes are concerned. Fluper will stay tuned for the latest updates. Although Company has conceived some of the promotional material for WWDC and remain tight-lipped with further specifications. But as per the trend, we have enlisted some of the predictions according to our best-guess order as per the likelihood.  

iOS 11

Those who love Apple, whether iOS app developers or general folk, here is a quick look what’s coming up tonight. iOS is expected to be showcased first. As per the trend, this event is considered to be a precursor to iPhone launch. Some of the features in iOS 11 is more likely to be included with updated user interface, apart from “a dark mode”. With Safari and Apple’s Mail, it is more likely to get support for the Apple Pencil.

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Some features related to iPad Pro is expected to be announced. Some of the technocrats are also expectation to advent with tvOS, macOS, and WatchOS.

But it seems as if software update will not be the only focus as far as Apple’s WWDC 2017 is concerned.

MacBook feature

Indian Express with the help of Bloomber report, has elucidated the fact that Apple will launch three new laptops at the event. With fastest processor, Apple will come with the most upgraded MacBook Pro with a new Intel Kaby Lake Processor. There are vivid chances to upgrade 13-inch Mackbook Pro designs with the latest generation processor.

As per Gurman’s report elucidated the matter with MacBook Pro notebook will be accessed with faster chips with annual update.

New Siri Speaker

Now that Apple is working on Siri-empowered speaker with the ultimate motive to compete with Google Home as well as Amazon’s Alexa. Although with the two main purpose, the Siri-powered speaker is expected not to be shown this year. Reckoning to Bloomberg’s reports, the Siri-speaker is expected to be the hub in order to control appliances apart from lights in the home through Apple’s HomeKit system.

As per some of the speculations it is predicted to target something appropriate for living room and less to a kitchen-counter-focused gadget. Although it will be cleared within couple of hours.  

tvOS update

It is expected that Apple must offer some new features with consideration over software since Apple TV set-top box seems to be doing well but could not perform extraordinarily as expected.

Apart from this, Apple may bring venue into use in order to announce officially that is more likely advent with Amazon Prime streaming app for Apple TV.

WatchOS 4

Although WWDC 2016 revealed Watch OS 3, although it does not seem like reveal something dramatic but expected to add some features not only for Watch users but developers as well.

This year, technocrats are expecting something related to health and fitness, watch faces and relevant notifications.

iPad updates

Although Apple has rolled out the latest iPad in the spring of this year that although could not manage to touch iPad Pro line-up. Hence it is expected that iPad Pro will likely to patch up with the statement “likely to unveil iPads” by Bloomberg’s Alex Webb.

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Although there is no anticipation as far AR glasses, AirPods 2.0, or Apple cars are concerned.

These are some of the predictions but it would be more elucidated in the upcoming week.


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