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Have you ever dreamt of working from home while driving to work? I have done it for sure, but I have never expected to be forced to stay at home by such circumstances as the pandemic.contact-us

The Covid-19 situation has changed the lifestyle of millions of people and not for good: some got fired, and the lucky ones must work remotely.

Do you also have issues managing your workday at home? If so, I would like to recommend useful apps on how to organize your day effectively.

Let’s start from the beginning.


It is essential to get enough sleep hours to have a productive day. Alarm apps help us with it.


Sleepzy (Android and iOS)

This app is amazing: it wakes you up, gets you to sleep statistics, and even detect whether you snore. It wakes you up when you have the lightest sleep phase to feel rested. There are options to add favorite relaxing sounds and music to fall asleep.


AlarmMon (Android and iOS)

This is a hilarious alarm app. You cannot turn the alarm off in the morning until you successfully clear the game. It also has a weather broadcast option.


Alarmy (Android and iOS)

I like this app because it does not stop ringing until you take a picture of yourself. The trick is the picture should be identical to the one you set before going to sleep. For instance, you are drinking coffee or brushing teeth; the morning selfie should be made at the same angle.


Sleep Cycle (Android and iOS)

I can call this app intelligent. It is all about healthy sleep and its statistics. It helps you analyze your sleep behavior and fix issues if needed.

Task planners

I love Task Planners apps because they help me track my progress during the day. Have you noticed when going through your checked to-do-list after working day feel more satisfied and prouder of yourself?


Trello (Android and iOS)

This app is very simple in use: you create cards and move them across the board to follow your working plan or schedule. You can also add checklists, labels, and deadlines. It is possible to set up notifications regarding every task and when it is due.


GoodDay Work (Android and iOS)

It is a pretty functional app for the team of employees with no extra options, just everything you need: create and assign tasks, schedules, and updates, the ability to reply and comment tasks.


Todoist (Android and iOS)

This app is extremely popular. Twenty-five million people use it. The best feature I love in it is integration with Gmail, Google Calendar, and more. It also helps organize tasks, remember deadlines, collaborates with others, prioritize tasks, and, of course, track your progress.


TickTick (Android and iOS)

It is an effective task manager app. It is beneficial with making schedules, organizing tasks, remembering the deadlines, and working remotely. It is not all about work; it can also help with personal goals and habits to track.


Working remotely is difficult because of the lack of communication. In good old days, you could have a cup of coffee with your colleagues, but now it is only your room and a cup of coffee right next to your laptop. And maybe a few cookies too.


Skype (Android and iOS)

I think this app does not need any representations. It is a well-known one and pretty well-used by millions of people. You can chat, call via Skype and even call to other phone numbers (but need to have a budget for it).


Whatsapp (Android and iOS)

The same as Skype, this app is extremely popular. It can be used for chatting, calling, and making video conferences (by the way, Skype does the same).


Viber (Android and iOS)

Viber is great for unlimited chatting, calls, and video conferences. It is similar to the apps mentioned above.


Wechat (Android and iOS)

This app is a Chinese alternative. If you work in China or have colleagues there, then this app is priceless for you, because others cannot be easily used there.

Food control

Do you also have the feeling of constant hunger while sitting at home? I am always hungry, and it is almost impossible for me not to open the fridge while passing it by. These apps help you control your hunger and stay healthy.


Change4Life Food Scanner (Android and iOS)

Now you can scan everything before you eat. Can you imagine how much sugar in the food we eat without even knowing it? This app helps you make the right decision while shopping and stay healthy.


Noom (Android and iOS)

It is more than the app. It is an assistant which helps you build healthy habits. It tracks blood sugar, blood pressure, and weight.


Plant Nanny (Android and iOS)

It is such an adorable app which keeps you track how much water you drink per day. So, every glass of water affects not only, but also a plant on your phone. Isn’t it a fantastic idea for self-motivation?


DietBet (Android and iOS)

This app is a perfect solution for people who would like to lose weight. It allows you to communicate with the community with similar goals, play games, set your plan, and more.

Fitness apps

Working from home puts your physical activity to a minimum, only if you are going to the kitchen to get one more sandwich. Even though nobody sees you in your pajama, fitness is a must-do thing. Here are the apps to keep you motivated and tracking your results.

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Jillian Michaels: The Fitness App (Android and iOS)

I am a huge fan of Jillian Michaels. She keeps you motivated in doing exercises every day. Her programs are intense and effective. Moreover, the best thing is she makes you love fitness and exercise daily.


Beachbody On-Demand – The Best Fitness Workouts (Android and iOS)

In this app, you can find people who support you, amazing workouts, and nutrition guidance. My favorite program is “Insanity.” Guys, it works!


8fit Workouts & Meal Planner (Android and iOS)

This is more than an app; this is your trainer. Here you will get a list of workouts, and healthy meal plans to achieve your goal: either it is weight loss or gain muscles. Anyway, it is an excellent app for having a healthy lifestyle and be positive.


Fit Radio Workout Music & Coach (Android and iOS)

This is the best app for those who like exercising with music. You get your workouts or go running with the great playlist, and the most important, it is never dull.


What a great feeling after productive work and intensive workout! You feel happy and satisfied. You are proud of yourself. I was thinking of giving you a list of relaxation apps but changed my mind. The best relaxation is to spend time with your family.

They also deserve to be part of your life. Leave your phone somewhere next to your laptop and go for a walk and have a lovely evening surrounded by beloved ones.Disclaimer contact-us


Alexander Timm is a founder of the GPSpathfinder blog. He is interested in GPS tracking apps and everything related to it. He likes hiking and playing basketball.

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