Today, creating a mobile application has become almost a child’s play courtesy the free Android app development tools available in the market. But that is not the end of the story. The difficult task begins after the application gets uploaded in the Google Play Store. Contrary to Android, if you happen to be an iOS app developer, then your task gets even more complicated since Apple is highly stringent towards new applications getting uploaded in its App Store. Irrespective of which platform you are targeting, it becomes imperative to make the developed application to draw good ranking for the application in the app store. Adopting a good marketing strategy is crucial to promote the application. What steps are adopted goes a long way in boosting the developed app for all mobile developers? One wrong step can result in a massive disaster. So, if you wish your days of hard toil pays off lucratively, you need to be watchful in by passing the common errors to achieve long term success.

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But obvious, human beings do commit mistakes and there is no reason to feel ashamed of. Hence you have a list of errors usually any dedicated mobile app developer is likely to commit in while designing an application. Forming an idea on the list of common errors will help you in countering the challenges, boost up the app ranking and eventually earn a satisfactory ROI on it.

So, which are the common mistakes usually committed by mobile application developers during the lifetime of an application??

Need to prioritize the application creativity and user friendliness across multi platforms- Creativity is the key factor that needs to be followed right from adopting a catchy name, designing an attractive logo to the entire concept of the application. Apple ha s always promoted innovation well defined in the applications designed by the top iPhone app developers. Do include screenshots and videos in the description as a part of the application marketing across the app store. Make sure the application supports a wide range of devices and multi platforms to maximize the potential viewer reach.

Failing to fathom the importance of App Pre-launching stage– Social media marketing caters to engaging the viewers on any newly released product. Actual promotion of an application begins much before developing and launching the application. Begin the journey with a proper strategy to first promote the idea of the application and check out for viewer feedback, also involve connections across social media platform to suggest names for the would be the application. Business tactics can be altered based on the viewer responses. pre-launching promotion is crucial, do not avoid it at any cost.

Undermining the gravity of extensive market research- Market research is the unavoidable step for any kind of business you are entering into. Forming idea on what people are actually looking for assists the mobile application developers to adding features into the application. Conducting surveys or sampling creates a rough idea on which field to target that will gain priority downloads among the ocean of other apps lying in the app store.

Disregarding the need to design an App store optimized application- Designing an app store optimized application is a very important step towards pushing the app to success. If you are aware of SEO concept, then you will best grip the underlying meaning of ASO. This is often ignored especially by amateur app developers. That is a HUGE blunder to commit and may be the cause of the failure of many applications soon after their release. This technique actually drives traffic for the application since an app store user will type a certain keyword to search applications and if your app does not come up in the top search result then you have miserably failed.

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Ignoring the value of viewer reviews, ratings and feedbacks- It is wrong to think that viewer reviews and ratings matter only when the application is downloaded and installed. As a developer, one needs to understand that users mostly install an application only after checking the app ratings and reviews. For iOS developers, your app needs to obtain a minimum of five-star ratings to reveal the average app rating on the store.

Sidestepping the paid advertisers, offline promotion, and PR activities- There are multiple options, tools, and platforms to advertise and promote a developed application. This is where the mobile application development companies usually commit the mistake by not allocating sufficient funds and resources to paid advertisements, offline promotion, and PR activities. Organizing events, publishing banners, distributing pamphlets, announcing a launch of the app across print media, broadcast or audio/visual media and social media websites pull in users and viewers. All is required is just shedding a few coffers.

Inactive in the World Web- Content marketing is another key area that is gaining popularity through SEO optimized blogs. Maintaining a website alongside the mobile application working as complimentary, can boost traffic inflow for each other. Do target the web as well for maximum results.

Failed to conduct beta testing and opt for viral marketing- Launching an app for beta testing not only spread the name via word-of-mouth strategy but will also reveal bugs hidden in the app framework required to be fixed for the smooth running of the final version of the app. Viral marketing is in using tools such as referral campaigning and social media sharing to boost up the app visibility and draw traffic towards it. Avoiding both these steps can prove really damaging to the app.

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Final Words

Teeny tiny points add together to exert a major impact. The mentioned errors get ignored often. Android app developers have one advantage over the iPhone app developers and i.e uploading the developed application easily in the app store. Google is quite lax towards uploading of new mobile applications on its store. But that is just not enough for a good developer. Their core objective is to ensure that the application stands out in the crowd of as many as 4.5 million apps in the store. Achieving this objective entails avoidance of the common errors and strategizing in a planned way throughout the lifecycle of the application to pull in the desired result from the app.

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