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Augmented Reality (AR) is not just a simple technology or invention; this is a wild, futuristic concept, though since this technology has been around for years. Augmented Reality or popularly known as AR is all about superimposing computer-generated images ahead of your view of reality. Which make sense with creating a merged view that augments the real world or you can say it bridges the difference between reality and imagination. This gives a challenging job to the mobile app developers to incorporate technology and reality on the same page.

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Click & Collect – order online and collect at a store of your choice for free”; this is the future of retail and shopping with an AR-based app.

AR just made the difference with many other things; it could be used in medical science and technology, user-experience and hospitality industry too. The innovative AR apps run the gamut from interactive map overlays and virtual showrooms to massively multiplayer games. ARKit and apps are rolling out on Apple’s iOS, and while Google has offered their most ambitious Project Tango. Android has a completely different future with ARCore when technology is taking a twist to the next level. Especially the retails sector is looking forward to getting some good news from the AI-based app for shopping.

The AR or Augmented Reality based apps are not so common; still, there is a buzz in the market to get the app developed. How much an AR-Based App costs? Yes, this is what we need to know, how much an app costs when it has the AI-based applications and features. There are many factors depends upon, but we are majorly considering these three points.

  • The data or information a client is interested to collect
  • When AR feature will appear and function (place or object)
  • The way augmented reality experience will add value

Apart from using these three features, in order to create an AR application so many tools are required and different methodology is also there to use it. Interestingly, mobile app development companies from India get more attention from rest of the world. There is an especial inclination towards developers from India.

Why companies prefer app developers from India?

Hiring an app developer is a great deal for your app, and when you want to use the latest technology like AR; India is a more preferable choice. While working with Indian app developers, this is an automatic advantage that your project cost will be at a competitive rate. The budget of your developed app is not going to exceed or increase by any mean. Mind you, the cheaper cost won’t influence the quality of your app, app developers from India deliver the finest quality by using the best kind of AR app development solutions.

Improved Marketing and promotion of your app

AR-based apps are developed in such a way that it gives impactful results for a client. When your app is based on effective AR application and exclusively customized, then it can improve the marketing campaign for your business. Additionally, it also decreases the cost of your marketing campaign. Developers from India are committed to delivering the best quality AR-based app.

Enhanced customer relationship

The finest quality app makes user engaged with the app, and which directly have an impact on the customer or user relationship. We already stated that better app reduces the marketing budget. And, it helps to enhance the customer relationship too. Take the example of Pokemon Go; this app got publicity not just because of a brilliant marketing campaign. The quality of app and features attracted users, what more you need with such an app.

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Helps to maintain your business setup

This is one of the indirect advantages of using Augmented Reality based app for your business. It helps to keep industrial standard at its best and keeping the same level of satisfaction with clients and customer makes the difference. The app developers create magic with AR application in order to enhance your business with a better experience in retaining and attracting customers, this has the longer impact ever.

Recently, Augmented Reality (AR) has been introduced in many ways, especially to the mobile application and entertainment world. Fluper, as being the leading mobile app developers from India has successfully delivered the similar projects. What makes them differ from others is the approach they use with creativity and the finest quality.

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