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The mobile app industry is currently growing at a fast pace, and every year there are millions of applications developed for both the leading operating systems-Google play store and Apple store. In the present time, there are more than 2.2 million mobile apps on Apple App Store, and Google play store has over 2.8 million. With this huge number, it is quite clear that the demand for developers is increasing day by day as most of the businesses hire android app developer to make their business grow tremendously. 

The growing demand for apps for businesses also has increased the demand for developers. When you start the development, you face the confusion between “Android vs iOS”. The choice of choosing the platform depends on your target audience, whether they are Apple users or Android users. In this guide, we give you complete information about the various statistics related to the Android and iOS developers’ salaries, and you also about iOS and know which platform earns more. We hope that this write-up gives you will complete insights related to hiring an android app development company.

Before discussing the various factors related to earnings, it is time to have a look at the Salary Key Data Points of the mobile app developers.

Salary statistics of Mobile app developers:


The Worldwide mobile app development revenue in 2016 – $88,5 billion


The average salary of US mobile app developer is $107,000 / year


The average salary of an Indian mobile app developer is $4,100 / year


US mobile app developer average Salary: $107,000 / year


iOS app developer highest salary in the US: $139,000 / year


Android app developer highest salary n the US is $144,000 / year

With all the statistics related to the revenue and salary of the developer, it is quite clear that the earnings depend on various factors. Before we move ahead it is important to know the salary of the Android and iOS developer not differ that much and somehow lies in the same range. The actual salary that you expect in the US cannot be the same in India, and the things vary from place to place, knowledge level, experience, and the company you are working in.

Here we have mentioned a few points that help you understand the difference in the developer’s salaries:



The location plays a vital role in determining the salary of an android or ios developer. The salary of an application developer changes with the location for every project. The earnings also vary from one company to another mobile app development company.


Total Experience 

It is a known fact, if you have less experience in the industry, then you will be provided with the average salary, and if you have the experience, then you get a good salary. The experience of a developer also defines the salary range.


Certifications and skills

If you have achieved some certifications, then they work as a booster in your career growth. You can earn more than the expected salary if you have more technical knowledge. The certified developers earn more than developers not having any specialized specialization.

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Hopefully, with this, you have got clear about the features that define the earning factor of the developer.


iOS Developer Salary

The salary of a developer also depends on the size and type of project. Some clients love to give money based on an hourly basis while others are interested in onetime payment. The hourly rate for different countries is predictably different. The rate of mobile software developers is $150 per hour in North America, and on the other hand, the developers in Indonesia do the same work in around $10 per hour. However, the salary also depends on experience; the person with five years in iOS app development can earn $80k a year, while an experienced person with experience between 5-10 years earns $20-40k annually. When you, hire iOS app developers to keep all these factors in mind.


Android Developer Salary

When we move to android app development, we cannot see any major changes in the costing. Android developers earn almost the same as iOS developers. The hourly rate charges of Android developers are even the same

  1. $168 / hour on average in North America
  2. $110 / hour on average in India
  3. $70 / hour on average for United Kingdom app developers

With the growing demands of mobile app users, it is important to focus on the quality of apps then just focusing on the platform. It doesn’t matter whether you hire mobile app developer or an android one, in the end, you have to deliver a worthwhile app.

Mobile app developers in different parts of the world are paid differently as per their experience, knowledge, and certifications. The Mobile app development services are available in all the countries, and cutting edge technologies are increasing the revenue of this industry in a major manner. All the new technologies are giving new opportunities to mobile app developers, which help them making good income than before. Moreover, if you are looking for a iOS app Development Company, then you can connect with Fluper. With more than nine years of industry experience in the industry and delivering the best quality solutions to our clients worldwide. Feel free to connect with us.Disclaimer

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