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Well, there are several operating systems in the marketplace and most of the people are happy with their preferred operating system choice. But, when it comes to choosing an operating system for your business project you can hire Mobile App Developers from a reputed company and can discuss your requirements in an efficient manner.

So, here in this piece of write-up, we’re going to discuss the key differences between all the 3 platforms. Before we start the discussion, it is significant to primarily understand the basics about the operating system and then compare Windows, Linux and iOS. So, all this discussion will take a few minutes of you so we will be more than happy if you grab a cup of coffee for yourself and sit relaxed on your favourite couch

Overview- Operating system

An operating system is system software that is crucial for performing all essential tasks. It is also known as the spine of any system. Without an OS, it is not possible to use the system and interact with it. It acts as a mediator between the computer hardware and software system. Chiefly we have 3 types of operating systems iOS, Windows, and Linux used all across the world. To start, Windows is the leading of all because of its popularity among people. The well recognized OS Window has a marketplace share of more than 80 percent. iOS is an Operating system developed by Apple, Inc for the apple systems. Lastly, the Linux operating system provides complete memory protection and multi-tasking operations and that is the reason people love this OS.

Why operating system matter?

For this, we can say that every operating system is designed in such a manner that it will fulfill the needs of the business. Performance, compatibility, speed, and visual aesthetics are some of the things which are considered before choosing an OS. It really does not matter which platform you are going to choose, but the one thing that actually matters is to ensure that you update your system on time. It is the best way to keep your system secure. Because the main thing is that every choice you make have an effect on your security, so it is better to connect with an iOS App Development Company and discuss the complete business requirements with the experts. The developers have several years of experience and so that they can offer you more reliable solutions related to your query.

Windows operating system:

Developed by Microsoft Corporation in 1985 the Windows operating system is dominating the computer marketplace with more than 85% of users.

Since its inception in the market, the OS has been used in all the industries, offices and homes. Ever since then a lot of updated versions of the operating system rolled out in the market. So to better understand the operating system lets look at some merits and demerits of the system.


iconTechnical help: When it comes to tech support help you would not have any difficulty finding technical support either online or offline.

iconApplication support:You can use a wide range of games on the OS.

Compaicontibility feature: The windows OS is compatible with all drivers, games, and programs.

iconAccessible: The acceptance of the Windows has proved itself that the OS is easy o use with a huge number of functions.


iconSpeed: Windows OS needs memory processors to run smoothly.

iconSecurity:Systems running Windows OS are more prone to viruses and malware due to its huge user base. So it is important to run anti-virus programs.

iconPrice:The OS is costly.

iOS operating system:

Developed by Apple.inc Company the OS with its multi-touch interface is the second-largest OS in the market. Since its inauguration in the marketplace, it is the first thriving graphical-based OS. Well, if you are a business person and want to develop an IOS app, then you can hire iOS App Developers from a leading mobile app development company. But before then let’s discuss the merits and demerits of the OS so that you can make a good decision for your app:

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iconViruses: Apple company developed iOS gets no malware or virus.

iconHardware issues: It is less prone to hardware and software crashing issues.

iconConsistency: The most reliable and classy system.

iconSecurity: Provides the best security to its users.

iconRepairs: OS requires fewer repairs all through the life of the system.


iconComplex: Due to the UNIX base the OS is complex to use.

iconExpensive: Through the OS is less prone to errors but more expensive than the other systems.

iconGaming: It does not support all types of games.

iconLess Support: If you face any issue in the system then you have to approach the Apple support.

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Linux operating system:

Being one of the reliable, secure and most popular operating systems on the globe Linux provides complete memory protection. Linux is developed by Finnish University in 1991 for GNU developers. It is an open-source free to use operating system as per the specifications.


iconPrice: Linux is an open-source free OS which means it is free of cost.

iconSecurity: It is much more secure than iOS and Windows.

iconDiversity: It has more alternatives than Windows or iOS.

iconViruses: Less prone to viruses.

iconCustomizable: It can be customized and used as per your preference and work.


iconWorking: It is complex to use.

iconCompatibility: Not support a lot of programs and games.

iconTechnical support: Limited support for Linux computers.

iconSupporting apps: Very less support for applications.

Major Differences between MAC, Windows, and Linux

So we have discussed all the three Operating systems one by one now it is time to compare the major difference between them. Let’s have a look at the comparison table below:

The basis of Comparison Windows Mac Linux
History Released in 1985 Released in 1984 Released in 1991
Registry It has a master database registry to store application files. No database registry, application files are stored in plist files. Does not have a specific registry. The application files are stored under different users.
Interfaces The interface was not interchangeable until Windows 8 Operating system arrived in the market. It has a feature to bridge virtual network interfaces. It is easy to switch interfaces in this OS.
Operating System Market Share Worldwide 34.96% 15.63% 0.78%
Virus Prone to virus and malwares No risk of virus. Less prone to virus.
Compatibility Windows OS is compatible to all type of software’s and games. Most of the software’s are not compatible with MAC OS. Being an open-source OS you can run the program of your choice.


In simpler words, we can say that all the operating systems mentioned above in the blog have their own set of advantages and downfalls.  So it totally depends on the user’s needs and choices of what they are looking out from the operating system. In short, each operating system has its own exclusive features if you are a game lover, then you have no choice but to choose Windows. For programmers, Linux is the right option and folks interested in best graphics will most likely tend towards Mac. The best way to better experience the working of all the operating systems is probably to try each system yourself and check which suits your needs best. Moreover, if your target audience is not finding your app helpful to them, then it is the right time to switch to a new Operating system. Fluper is the leading mobile app development company that helps you in the best possible manner to boost the ROI of your business. Yet is comprehensive comparison between the Operating systems tips that will you to understand the working patterns of all the major operating systems in the market. Follow the above-listed comparison table and make a better choice for your next project.

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