On contrary with the exponential increase in digital-marketing budgets, high-impact channels as well as capabilities still lagging behind the advancement of most significant digital marketing skills as far as consumer companies are concerned. These include web, mobile, video and testing. This incapability has been further intensified by the perplexing attitude towards web development and mobile application development.

Why people still chase website?

people still chase

In the era of thriving technology of website, any business that are in desire for new clients or technology needs a website. Almost all people will use the internet before showing interest for the business. Like online which is although omnipresent, even in this era of mobile technology people search internet for coffee shops, doctors, day cares etc. Those searches consumes very little time so that the websites must get ready to be recognisable among the lots and captivate the prospective of customer’s attention in the momentary moments.

Hence the website needs to be professional as well as personal, hence the content must be informative enough to convince valid to make an order, come visit etc. It must be invariable as far as elevator pitch, signage and brochures are concerned in order to drive traffic even if you don’t sell anything online. For a good website, it looks for a domain name, website development, website hosting, backups, maintenance, updates etc.

Hence summarising the above content in a professional terms:

  • It supports the business with professional appeal
  • Finely structured and organised from the front-end and back-end.
  • Better navigation and amazing user experience
  • Less prone to maintenance issues

What makes the business inclined towards mobile app?

Business Incline

Over the few years, mobile has manifested the journey upto hyper operative tool. Now that smartphones have become the focal point in IT business. With the exponential increase in advancement of mobile technology, high speed data access and intuitive interfaces thathave made mobile computing quite spontaneous for a better user experience.

Irrespective to the size of the organisation, mobile apps have ensured noteworthy growth in the business organisations. A company can reach their audience easily by fabricating their own app. Although websites have also demonstrated a profound transformation in design and UX in every possible way, corporate website is now focussing on Responsive Web Designs in order to ensure that they do not suffer the loss of growing mobile devices. Hence the top rated mobile application Development Company renders the following functionalities.

  • Reinforcement your brand
  • Enhance accessibility
  • increases exposure over mobile devices
  • Easily build database of clients

Future of website development

From shopping to banking the web has eventually ingrained the demand for web development. At the beginning of 2017, I still wonder what new things will be introduced till the end of the New Year.

  • Artificial intelligence –AlphaGo is a program that has been built by Google DeepMind which has been capable to beat the professional Go player. In order to access AI to the public some biggest giants such as Microsoft, Google and Facebook has taken initiative to be used for larger applications.

Similarly AI driven web site is created for instance The Grid Molly based on pre-programming algorithms which enables to create aesthetic websites for the public.

  • Virtual reality-Although this technology has already started to sweep the gaming industry like Oculus Rift but it has restricted over there. Like Mozilla and Google which has already started to work on APIsin order to help transition of VR technology over web.
  • Rails 5 – although the latest version of Rails i.e. Rails 5 released last year in the mid of 2016. But this year, it is expected to gain maturity at the end of the year 2017.
  • Static website generators- It creates websites from plain text that is usually stored in file rather than database. Jekyll created static websites which has enabled to leverage increased speed, easy delivery, security as well as handling of traffic surges.
  • Angular 2 –Although Angular 2 was introduced last year in 2016, with various changes such as Google’s frontend JavaScript that has been completely restyled.

Features that would shape the future of mobile application development

Features Application

While the mobile apps have become dominant form as far as digital interaction is concerned. Top mobile application Development Company try to build up the user experience in order to build customer loyalty. In case you are too much concerned over the future of mobile application development in 2017, then I have already outlined it. It has covered the entire domain from artificial Intelligence, app streaming to hybrid development.

The wrapping up

Although it is quite challenging to comment which technology has superseded the other technology. But the way mobile apps have owed the global presence has manifested the fact that not only people but businesses are now more inclined towards mobile apps rather than web.  May be the credit goes to the direct marketing channel orsuccessfully engagement with the customers in an entirely new way that has occupied the choice over web development.

Fluper appreciates innovation, in case you have any doubt or feedback to give, then we are here to entertain your queries and suggestions if any.




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