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Ecommerce sites have become quite a storm these days especially after the giants like Amazon and Alibaba have taken the world. It is 2019 and the whole world exists online. Your business is practically considered non-existent if it is not online. Thus, to exist online, you need to set up your business on free eCommerce platforms. Your online business completely depends upon your open source eCommerce platform. So if you are new to this arena, let us explain all the things in this write up:

Ecommerce Platform

In addition to this, if you are thinking of finding a proper eCommerce platform for your business then you have come to the right place.

The question over here is which eCommerce platforms are profitable for businesses? Well, yes they are profitable. However, you need the right e-commerce platform to set you up and also the way you run your business. If you take enough steps on social media to market your business, then you are good to go in this field. However, if you wish to retail, then eCommerce business depends on your product, the way you market, how well you manage your inventory and restock the items and the most important thing- the service.


As long as customers order from you and you give great service, your business will be very profitable. Here are a few famous ecommerce platforms that have helped businessmen grow their revenue over the years:

icon Big Commerce

Big Commerce ecommerce platform is another amazing storefront you can have. It is easily integrated with the Facebook marketplace, Instagram shopping, eBay, Amazon, and a few others. It can manage your payments, orders, delivery and also inventory management.

It is very simple to operate and has automated listings feature which is a big plus. This platform is very flexible and scalable as you can use it in many ways.

 icon Shopify

Shopify is a splendid place to start your e-commerce business if you have just started. It is an affordable option with only $29 as a fee every month. It is one of the best ecommerce platforms and anyone who is starting can use this. It has great tools like branding and customized design.

Ecommerce Platforms

You can manage everything via the dashboard and also have a list of features. Shopify is not a great idea for a multi-vendor market place but it is great for multi selling channels. You can combine with other social marketplaces like Facebook, Instagram, Amazon, etc. Shopify can also be great for a website that needs fast loading speed.


WooCommerce is another great eCommerce platform where you can fully customize. It is an open-source ecommerce plugin for WordPress and is one of the most popular eCommerce platforms for small businesses.

There is a huge community to support all the WooCommerce members and the developers are always adding new features to make it easy and attractive.


Squarespace is one of the best ecommerce platforms in 2019. It appears on podcasts as they sponsor almost every other podcast nowadays. They are amazing to use and very accessible too. You can call it a new age WordPress where anyone can build their website without having any prior knowledge.


You can comfortably customize and also being from the start. Squarespace is very focused on the development of the brand from the very beginning. It also has its Hollywood hype where it claims that even Keanu Reeves uses it to build his websites. Square Space is extremely easy to use and you need not download any kind of extensions to do any kind of backdoor coding.

icon Magento

Magento can be used to develop mobile apps and it is highly secure. You can also insert a multi-currency payment gateway and it can be multi-language too. This helps in reaching out to the multi-vendor marketplace. In addition to this, Magento works perfectly fine when you want to integrate it with your social media accounts like Instagram, eBay, and other marketplace platforms.

Ecommerce Platforms

The checkout pages are smoothly tailored and made. You also have these one step checkout page options. This is an open-source eCommerce platform and is one of the best options you can have with lots of advantages.

iconYo Kart

 A specially designed e-commerce platform for SMBs and startups, this is a turnkey that has rich features of a proper e-commerce marketplace. It is a solution to build multi-vendor stores such as Amazon, Etsy or eBay. It is a specialized platform that offers multi-vendor version stores. Apart from this, it works in different languages and different currencies. This way, you as an entrepreneur can truly reach a global level. There are different payment gateways, a few inbuilt analytics tools, rewards, and discount coupon management features, etc.

This is great for a multi-vendor marketplace solution. It is mobile friendly and it has equality in the packages price. You also get 12-month free technical support. It has an inbuilt product catalog system. The startup package is affordable and it should be your go-to if you are an SMB. It also offers a one year hosted solution. This is a practical way to test the credibility of the platform and to see if it works for you or not.


 It is more of a DIY marketplace where you can focus more on custom design, community reach, and a good overall e-commerce attractiveness. People like fashion designers or retailers can easily set up their virtual store here. The good thing is you do not require any technical knowledge for setting your store.

Tictail is more like a DIY marketplace where more focus is put on custom design, community integration, easy usability, and overall e-commerce attractiveness. Fashion designers and retailers can set up their virtual stores within a matter of a few minutes. If you upgrade, there are a lot of SEO benefits too. Overall, it is a great marketplace that can reap profits for the business.


Thus, when you work in a certain way, ecommerce platforms are surely profitable for small and large businesses alike. You just need to choose the right eCommerce platform, understand your target audience and market it the right way.Disclaimericon

Manan Ghadawala

Manan Ghadawala is the founder of 21Twelve Interactive which is one of the best mobile app development companies in India and the USA. He is an idealistic leader with a lively management style and thrives raising the company’s growth with his talents. He is an astounding business professional with astonishing knowledge and applies artful tactics to reach that imaginary sky for his clients. His company is also recognized by the Top Mobile App Development Companies.

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