Once you have made up your mind that an application is required for your business concern, the most crucial task that arises soon after is to narrow down to the ideal platform to release the app. Both the android as well as the iOS operating system has proved to be the best one for mobile app development in their respective ways. However, there are certain parameters that actually determine the ideal platform to target for the kind of business the enterprise is involved with.

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So, before deciding on the operating system, it is important for any mobile application developer to conduct a proper research on each one of them, comparing on the basis of these parameters.

Another point that requires worth mentioning here and that is one can build an app on anyone platform at a time. The goal is to release an app for both the Android and iOS users but not simultaneously as that can prove to be quite a risky and expensive venture.

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Therefore, experienced mobile application developers usually build an application for either Android or iOS first and release it in the market to gather customer feedback before launching it for the alternate platform.

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So, how do you choose the platform to release your mobile application development first??

There are pros and cons allotted to each one individually but there are 6 factors that can help make the decision fast.

Target audience

Now you are probably aware of the basics and i.e. iPhone applications are built on iOS software wherein Google devices run on an Android operating system. Going by the global market share, Android definitely wins the race over its sole competitor.

  • 50% global market has Android users against 15%-18% approximately who prefer iOS platform.
  • In the fourth quarter of the year 2016, approximately 352 million smartphones ran on the Android operating system against iPhones, which is at 77 million according to Garner.
  • Yet the iOS app store is projected to lead the others in the coming years in terms of revenue.

In order to target the broad global market, Android is the most justified solution for your application. However, releasing the enterprise for selected locations such as Europe or North America, then the iOS operating system is the apt choice to make since these markets are dominated mostly by iPhones.

Development time

The development time depends highly on coding. Irrespective of the availability of different mobile app development tools and tutorials free of cost in the market for Android, yet the language used for the same is complicated. Android apps are mostly programmed in the language called Java that entails more codes. Swift is the one used for writing codes for the iOS apps. Minimal writing of codes in Swift is involved thereby speeding up the process.

Another important point under this factor is that Android is an open source and highly fragmented market due to the lack of proper standardization. Hence, developing an application on the Android operating system requires quite some time that, in turn, contribute towards raising the expense of the development process.

Before speaking about the cost, there is yet another point that is included here is the Quality Assurance. Apple app store can be really stringent when it comes to uploading new applications here unlike Google Play store. The lengthy review process observed by Apple consumes a lot of time. If they are rejected then the developer has to invest more time and Money, offcourse, to release the same in the market.

Now, the company has to decide whether to compromise on quality or time?


The above-mentioned point already explains the cost factor involved in the development process. Android applications are expensive only because the app has to match the different specifications of different android devices. One can choose to develop two native apps right about the same time if few hundred thousand dollars are available at their disposal. However, a little homework can come handy here. Understand the target customers before deciding on the platform.

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Example: if the application is designed to target the wealthier demography then the iOS platform is the ideal one to commence the app building journey.

Features and attributes

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Android is an open source platform and therefore customizing the features according to the business requirement is highly possible. Yet the very open nature of this platform makes the applications more susceptible to malware attacks. On the other hand, the secured, closed nature of the iOS applications makes them the most preferred platform to develop enterprise applications. Afterall, enterprise app development service entails tight security as they carry confidential data of the company. Loss of such data can be damaging to the company’s reputation and business.

App Maintenance

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Android users are slower in adopting new operating systems. More than 50% android users still access 2 years old operating system. So, opting for Android can be hazardous considering the fact that more time investment is required to keep the application compatible with the platform in different versions spread across multi-devices. Bugs and unwanted crashes are avoided for periodic updates. Apple users, on the other hand, prefer using the updated version of the operating system.

The above-mentioned points bring out both the positive and negative side of Android and iOS operating systems. Therefore, careful analysis and market study are imperative when deciding the platform for the enterprise application.

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Final words

The mentioned factors and statistical evidence are nothing but prove to help any business owner make a quick decision. The debate: iOS Versus Android will continue but to take the corrective decision instead of wasting time in a useless debate is a wise thing to do. Then again, the decision also rests on the type of mobile application one is planning to develop. Another piece of advice is to sidestep such confusions and shoulder the entire responsibility on hired mobile app development company like Fluper that is experienced in building both Android and iOS apps.


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