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Top Rated mobile application development companies deserve a worldwide recognition for discovering such a convenient method to achieve any task instantaneously. Yes!! The applications have been referred to here. With the introduction of ‘BYOD or Bring Your Own Device’ concept as a part of the recent corporate culture, the mobile developers have even more venues exposed for them to infiltrate with their designed applications. The major impact generated in smartphone users’ life is the social media and messaging apps. Needless to say that the smartphone culture has actually disrupted the traditional approach to socializing with family, friends, and strangers. The entire day, round the clock, the mobile phone users are glued to their phones, happily chatting away with their virtual contacts. This is damaging but this very concept has a positive end too especially for the business owners.

These entrepreneurs and big business gurus have discovered the safest, cost effective and fastest method to promote their business without creating the general irritation usually caused by the customer care calls. The targeted platforms for these corporate owners turned out to be none other than the social media messengers like WhatsApp.

Talking with reference to WhatsApp itself, the possibility of businesses gaining from this platform for their internal and external affairs is huge but whether the impact is going to be positive or negative is a matter for later discussion.

Now, when we speak about the current corporate culture, the latest trends shows:

In this blog, WhatsApp has been highlighted as an example to support the entire concept of inducing social media applications as a mediator between brands and customers, management and employees, businesses and clients.

So, an insight into the positive aspects of WhatsApp deserve a mention here:

The feature, ‘WhatsApp for businesses’ has been specially introduced for business enterprises designed on the Android operating system with the aim at strengthening and streamlining the reach of small businesses but cutting out the need to make hefty investments in website development, infrastructure pertaining to customer support and more. This is entirely a separate platform designed to authorize businesses directly communicate with the customers/clients personally through the chat messenger.

The messenger has shipped in many updates recently such as:

As Nitin Jain of NowFloats commented, “Whatsapp is a formal channel for communication in our operations and not just a casual messenger anymore,” so did many small and medium enterprises also believe that such an application can actually help them to achieve their business goals such as:

  • Facilitating the smooth flow of Internal Communication to ensure the concerned parties receive and respond to forwarded texts instantly. Afterall every single individual today is highly active on WhatsApp.
  • Help directly in Customer Support by forwarding broadcast message to the customers on the WhatsApp itself and address their queries 24 hours round the clock.
  • A perfect platform for Business Promotion without becoming a reason for irritation amongst clients/customers as is the case with the Customer Care Calls. Example: Bewakoof.com promoted their services via WhatsApp and gained 15% of their total sale from this platform.
  • Allow free flow of Internal Team Communication through the WhatsApp application and WhatsApp Web requires no extra pushing to the forever-reluctant employees from trying new things.
  • A Cost-effective, easiest and the fastest platform to communicate with the mentioned parties.

80% of small businesses in both India and Brazil are already using this particular application to connect with the customers for the purpose of business expansion. Mobile application development companies involved with designing messaging applications have to really think out-of-the-box since the major chunk of the market is already under WhatsApp’s wings. It has started developing ambitious plans to incorporate the e-wallet concept into its business strategy in order to counter the rising popularity of Paytm in India especially.

But, there is a negative side to this picture even.

  • WhatsApp fails to offer enterprise data protection when dealing with confidential corporate and customer data.
  • WhatsApp is a cloud-based service, which is in the USA, a country that has poor data protection laws and broad surveillance.
  • The application presents a complete mash-up of private and business communications.
  • There is a huge gap in enterprise administration and proper precautionary measures for protection against data loss.

Final Words

This feature available for Android users currently has a positive and negative side added to its business strategy by enterprises who plan on acquiring it must carefully study the Pros and Cons before making a game-changing decision. WhatsApp inspires other top mobile app developers to invest more in such applications for the corporate world.

Vinay Kumar

Being a Web Tech Lead and with a relevant experience, Vinay Kumar has gained the art of team and project handling to get the best out of them. During his career, he never stops learning new things. Talking about his interest, he is currently exploring innovative technologies that can bring transformation to businesses.

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