n the established line of strategy, businesses always look for a web development company and web designing company. These terms are always perplexed by these companies the way they explain their services to their clients. But a matter of fact is that these are two very unique skill sets in developing website building set. There are more than 700 million active websites according to Netcraft. But what urge them to follow such an action??The credit goes to good inbound marketing strategies. Developing a successful web with amazing designs is an essential component of a good inbound marketing strategy.

But one of the concerns is its proper delineation to the company. Each skill has its own identity. For a professional look of your website, web development is supposed to be the back-end of the website. It makes the web to function. They are more focused on the way the website performs rather than on its look. It focuses on the procedure a website functions and ensures a smoother way to navigate through it.

Web developers possess deep knowledge in web coding and varieties of other coding languages. They generally use HTML text editors. Companies do look for the candidates with strong programming skills that can successfully build and maintain website in the long run.

Web design focuses on the aesthetic part of the website. It comprehends a number of essential components which includes colours, its layout and entire graphical appearance. They follow various design programs such as Adobe Photoshop. They primarily consider site’s audience, functions and traffic in a specific section while deciding designs. It has been remunerative business as more and more business are now engaged in creating websites.

But these are primary differences there are many more criteria which needed to be figure out so that clients do not get confused with the both services.

Deep Study of Web Development

It constitutes with two different flavours: Front-end development and back-end development. Although some of the skills may overlap but they do have different intention in the profession of web design.

A front-end developer considers the visual design irrespective of the designs created by them or delivered by the visual designer and builds it in code. To create the structure of the site HTML is used, for visual layout and styles they prescribe CSS, and even some Javascript. For small scale business Front-end development can manage entire development whereas in a complex scale of business there is equal requirement of “back-end” development.

The chief focus of the back-end development is to advance programming and interactions on the web page. It focuses on how a site runs and how the customer navigates to get the things done. This include working with the codes that creates feature like Ecommerce shopping carts that link to online payment processors.

Deep Study of Web Design

Web designers begin with regards to client’s objectives towards website and then proceeds towards setting up of Information Architecture. The main job of IA is to set information hierarchy to support the design process to reach the main destination of web design to achieve a pleasing aesthetical layout to derive maximum user experience.

Do’s & Don’ts of web design:

  • Web designers are needed to create a balanced layout. Heavy and light elements should be used proportionally to achieve a balanced website.

  • Concept of contrast should be used judiciously. This concept is applicable on sizes, shapes and textures to draw attention on certain sections of the websites.

  • A proportional “spotlight” of certain elements is intended of a perfect layout.

  • A rhythm is very essential to derive the best user experience.


Probably businesses are blurred with both the concepts of web development and web design , but it has to be kept in the mind that both the jobs cover the different domain.

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