Fluper, a self-praised organisation accords to offer highly precocious and effective PHP web and web application services. Fluper has highly competent and a full-fledged team of developers who are capable of accomplishing all range of PHP projects remaining compatible with latest technologies of PHP. Our proficient team is responsible for dynamical websites, engrossed to web-based dialogue. The main objective is to create sync with our client’s objectives.

Now the question arises, how a new web app or site is launched or reformulated to get a new one. To get a website, one has to consider a lot many things before diving into the web development process. It is a much profound process rather than just delineating into a one sentence goal. It is basically a four stride process. It involves forecasting of goals, price estimation, a transformation of predefined objective, inference the final stage.

Steps Involved in Web Development Process

process of web development

Step1: Forecasting Of Goals

Goals should not be restricted to just website arrays and characteristics, but it should be accomplished with a linear perspective of the business venture according to the cost-benefit analysis. To forecast the goal, one has to pass through the various questions which are  very essential while building up of the website.

  •  What are aspects where successes are being measured?
  •  What experience does the user desire?
  •  What are the other aspects where the web app and site can proof to be a successful event?

To respond these questions, many people tend to look at competitor’s project or site. But this is something fallacious instead, the accomplishments till date are needed to be considered. The aforesaid analysis will then cover all the aspects of business’s needs and how the website is going to be incorporated into the existing scheme.

Step2: Price Range Estimation

A clear estimation of the price range is always desirable. Various options are laid down according to the business objectives. All the worthy agencies will always show the prices so that a clear picture can be drawn where the money is being spent. This is done with the specification building which conceals each and every element of the requirement.

Step3: Objective Transformation

In order to create a velocity in the development process, the best thing is to greet the prestigious ideas for meeting out the business target. Constant interaction with the team-mates is very much essential for the transformation of predefined objectives.

Now it starts with the systematic development process which can follow a standard framework, methodologies and modelling language as well. It commences with, after receiving the signed proposal, written content material and graphics. In this stage, navigation will be designed as a prototype. This is very essential in the project lifetime because all the suggestions till this step can easily be absorbed.

Content Writing

There are professional content writers responsible for writing relevant and industry-specific content in such a way to utilise the given design templates. The content includes sales copy, podcasts, e-book and texts for graphics. It requires web formatting tools to create the content and also to make engagement with the target audience.


The professional must be aware that coding should not disturb the existed content so that it hampers the feel of the site. This requires the developer to understand the essentiality of navigation at this stage. Some website developers integrate design with the web building while others leave this for markup. Coding is very essential since the better a website looks, the more visitors it would attract. In that part coding helps us to build up a successful website.


Web-based application requires intensive testing which will perform as a multi-tier system along with bandwidth limitations. Some of the tests are stress testing, integration testing, load testing, scalability testing and ever cross-browser compatibility testing as well.

This would ensure to find error logs, and frequent interaction with the developers as well as designers as well.

SEO and Social Media Optimization                            

The prime step involves preparation of meta tags, constant analysis and even submission of URL. Social Engine Optimisation and Social Media Optimisation are an ongoing process since search engines are quite dynamic.

Step4: End-Product Derivation

To derive a successful end result, a comparative study should be considered where the cost of the website and the incurred benefit is compared.

Websites are needed to be updated very frequently .It requires re- analysis so that it creates other supported documents to maintain other life cycle tests. Apart from the standardised model to achieve the goal, it is fundamental to trust the expertise and ability to recognise the goals.

To get the best out of the team, trust is the building block since they are going to accommodate the best of their knowledge and capability. This trust is not only going to create a long –lasting relationship but even the end-product is going to accelerate the pace of business development.


Fluper is a team of high-octane developers capable of dealing web programming and development services along with handling the clients globally. Web development process starts with the determination of goals, then comes estimation of prices which is followed by the formulation of the standardised model. To create a successful website the prime ingredients comprises of content writing, coding, frequent trials, SEO , and then derives a successful end figure. But the utmost thing for creating web development process is trust and capability to hold knowledge. This would ensure the long-lasting development of the business venture .



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